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23 Faculty & Staff Available
Joseph Raab  Religious StudiesE
P 517-264-7673
Sally Rae  Division of EducationE
P 517-264-7892
Jesse Ramirez  Marketing and CommunicationsE
Mo  Rammuny  AthleticsE
Pradeep Ranaweera  EngineeringE
P 517-264- 7645
Debrah Ray  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7886
Mary Raymond  Online LearningE
P 818-667-9711
Roy Regalado  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Josh Reilly  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7843
Carlee Resh  BiologyE
P 517-264-7643
Kirk Richards  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7881
Danilo Riella  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7001
Liesel Riggs  Marketing and CommunicationsE
P 517-264-7147
Matthew Ripper  Division of Business & ManagementE
P 517-264-7622
Mary Roberts  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 517-264-7189
Steven Robinson  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7824
Annmarie Roboski  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 269-248-1781
Geoffrey Roche  Workforce Development & PartnershipsE
P 517-264-7401
Ricky Rockwood  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
P 517-264-7128
Rochelle Rojas  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Benjamin Rosebrock  Student Support ServicesE
P 517-264-7631
Patricia Rousselo  PsychologyE
P 517-264-7851
Gail Ryder  Online LearningE
P 248-799-5490