Graduate College

Open the door to a future you want at Siena Heights University’s Graduate College. Our graduate degree programs offer flexible, affordable options to help you reach your goals while fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule.

At Siena Heights, our students learn in seven-week sub-sessions that are taught by a dedicated faculty who have real-world experience in today’s most in-demand fields. Plus, our small class sizes allow for more individualized support and provide a personalized learning experience to help you grow and succeed.

Plus, Siena Heights goes above and beyond to invest in our students’ growth and success. Our Siena Tuition Advantage offers all graduate students a locked-in tuition for two academic years.

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We strive to make it easy for you to get your Master’s Degree quickly and on your terms through our online program.

Majors & Programs

Your college choice is important. And finding the right school connects you to your successful future. At SHU, there is no shortage of ways to challenge yourself. Whichever major you choose to pursue, you’ll develop the skills necessary for all aspects of life!

  • Clinical Mental Health Counselling
  • Health Care Leadership
  • MBA
  • MSN
  • Organizational Leadership

Tuition & Fees


Tuition Per Credit Hour:
(Effective May 2023)—New Enrollee Academic Year 2023

  • Leadership, Teacher Ed., Clinical Mental Health: $680
  • MBA Program: $765
  • MSN Program: $680

Audit Course:

  • Leadership, Teacher Ed., Clinical Mental Health: $675 per course
  • MBA Program: $755 per course
  • MSN Program: $670 per course
  • Prior Learning Credit: $225 per credit hour plus $675 per petition


  • Compliance Fee: (all sites) $36 per session
  • Technology Fee: (all sites) $300 per session
  • Student Service Fee: (all sites) $90 per session
  • MSN/MBA Program Fee (Dual majors MSN & MBA): $250 per session
  • International Student Support Fee: $100 per session
  • Deferred Payment Fee: $300 per session or $150 per sub-session

Required Deposits:

  • Graduate Enrollment Deposit: $100 (post acceptance)
  • International Student Deposit: $2,000 per year

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