Siena Heights Public Safeety

The Siena Heights University Public Safety Department is committed to providing respectful and professional services. While we can promise a committed effort to ensure safety, we are of course unable to promise total isolation from crime. Therefore, it is important for each member of our community to take responsibility for their own safety.

The key to preventing crime is awareness. The Safety Handbook (link below) provides relevant information in case an emergency arises at Siena Heights University, the surrounding area, or at any of the Degree Completion Centers.

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2022-23 SHU Campus Safety Handbook
The Siena Heights University Department of Public Safety will work in partnership with our  community by responding to their needs in a professional manner and providing a safe learning and work environment. Each member of the community we work with will be treated with the dignity and respect they deserve. Some of the services we provide are:

  • Safety Awareness Handbook published annually
  • 24 hour a day/365 days a year public safety services
  • 24 hour escort service to any location on campus
  • First response for all campus emergencies
  • Officers certified in AED, CPR and First Aid
  • Vehicle registration and parking permits for students, staff and faculty
  • Enforcement of the University’s parking policies
  • Annual Crime Statistic Information Published
  • 24-hour video surveillance of several strategic locations
  • Digital recording and monitoring of the surveillance cameras
  • Switchboard and campus information source
  • Building and grounds inspections for fire and safety hazards
  • Lost and found services
  • Siena community member’s assistance for vehicle lockouts and jump-starts
  • Bicycle registration
  • Visitor/guest registration
  • Program sponsorship on safety issues
  • Crisis Response Team
  • Electronic equipment engraving and registration
  • Public Safety Officer Bicycle patrol unit
  • Crowd control
  • Locking and unlocking of exterior doors for campus buildings
  • Timely notification of possible threats to the Siena Heights University community
  • SHU Alerts System
  • Weather and Lightning monitoring for the Adrian Campus