62 Programs Available
Accelerated MBA
Accounting (Online, Blended)
Accounting, B.B.A.
Art Education, B.A.
Art, B.A.
Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) (Online)
BBA (Online, Blended)
Biology, B.S.
Business Administration (B.B.A.)
Chemistry, B.S.
Clinical Mental Health Counseling M.A. (On Ground, Blended)
Communications, B.A.
Community and Human Services, B.A. (Online, Blended)
Criminal Justice, B.A.
Cybersecurity, B.S.
Data Analytics, B.S.
Design, B.F.A.
Early Childhood Education
Elementary Education
English, B.A.
Environmental Engineering, B.S.
Environmental Science, B.S.
Ethnic and Gender Studies
Exercise Science, B.S.
General Engineering
Health Care Management, B.A.S. (Online, Blended)
Healthcare Leadership M.A.
History, B.A.
Humanities, B.A.
Management (Online, Blended)
Management, B.B.A.
Marketing (Online, Blended)
Marketing, B.B.A.
Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) (Online)
Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) - Nursing Leadership
Mathematics, B.S.
MSN to MBA (dual)
Multidisciplinary Studies, B.A.
Multidisciplinary Studies, B.A. (Online, Blended)
Music Education, B.A.
Music, B.A.
Nursing (Pre-Licensure), B.S.N.
Nursing RN to BSN (Online)
Organizational Leadership M.A. (Online)
Pre-Physical Therapy
Professional Communication, B.A. (Online)
Psychology, B.A.
Public Services Administration, B.A. (Online, Blended)
Religious Studies, B.A.
Social Studies, B.A.
Social Work, B.S.W
Special Education, Cognitive Impairment, B.A. for K-12 Teacher Certification
Special Education, Learning Disabilities, B.A. for K-12 Teacher Certification
Sport Management, B.B.A.
Theatre, Musical Theatre, B.A.
Theatre, Speech and Dance, B.A.
Theatrical Design and Technology, B.A.