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A BETTER TOMORROW begins with a single step. By going back to school, you’re investing in your dreams and Siena Heights University wants to help you!

We know you are busy. From raising a family to building a career, you may not have much free time available. From Associate’s, to Bachelor’s, to Master’s degrees, our classes are designed so you can work, manage home life and earn your degree. You choose between online or face-to-face classes with 7-week sessions and finish your degree within a year.

By completing your degree, you are one step closer towards building a better future. Let Siena Heights University help you take the next step.

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Majors & Programs

Your college choice is important. And finding the right school connects you to your successful future. At SHU, there is no shortage of ways to challenge yourself. Whichever major you choose to pursue, you’ll develop the skills necessary for all aspects of life!

Admissions and Transfer

At Siena Heights University, we challenge you to find meaning and purpose in your college years and for the rest of your life. Through connections to the community and exploration of ethical and even spiritual issues in the classroom, Siena Heights University nurtures the potential for greatness in every student.

Costs & Aid

A college education has never been more valuable, and at Siena, we work with you to make that education affordable and accessible! Our sole purpose is to help you realize your dream of attaining a college degree. It’s the best investment you can make in yourself, and research shows a college degree will significantly expand your lifetime earning potential.

Online and Service Centers

Siena Heights University provides the convenience of completing your bachelor’s and master’s degree online from virtually anywhere in the world! Siena also provides Service Centers across Michigan and offers face-to-face classes at 7 community college campuses.

graduate College


Open the door to a future you want at Siena Heights University’s Graduate College. Our graduate degree programs offer flexible, affordable options to help you reach your goals while fitting seamlessly into your busy schedule. To visit the Graduate College, click here.

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