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23 Faculty & Staff Available
Merrie Ann Bagget  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Lori Bailey  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 800-203-1560
Karin Barbee  EnglishE
P 517-264-7698
Krissie Barnes  Presidents OfficeE
P 517-264-7100
Austin Barnett  MarketingE
P 517-264-7858
Julie Barst  EnglishE
P 517-264-7678
Samantha Bartelotti  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7825
Makayla Beck  Public SafetyE
P 517-264-7799
Aaron Benard  AthleticsE
Mark Bernard  EnglishE
P 517-264-7685
Kimberly Berrington  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7875
Brian Bertram  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
P 517-264-7676
Cheryl Betz  Presidents OfficeE
P 517-264-7234
Madelyn Birmingham  Marketing and CommunicationsE
P 517-264-7141
Susan Bissa  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 248-799-5490, ext. 7221
Robert Blohm Sr.  Public SafetyE
P 517-264-7800
Michael Blumenauer  Center for Student SuccessE
P 517-264-7163
Noah Bohl  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7833
Jennifer  Brooket  AdvancementE
P 517-264-7146
Elizabeth Brooks  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 517-264-7662
Diane Brown  Division of EducationE
P 517-264-7921
Brad Bryan  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Norman Bukwaz  Graduate and Professional StudiesE
P 419-290-5319