Siena Heights University (SHU) has recently introduced a 12-hole disc golf course to its main campus in Adrian, Michigan.

The course was brought on by an initiative from the Siena Heights University Student Government as a way to get students outside and active. Disc golf is an approachable activity for all students, including those who are playing for the first time or those who have become more competitive in disc golf by playing more frequently. The 12-hole course takes its players throughout campus, and there is a possibility that six more holes may be added in the future, depending on the traction the current course gains.

For those interested in playing, there are discs available for free rental in the hub. Additionally, the Unofficially Spanish Club will be adding a disc golf program on campus this October, and the students who participate will receive a free and customizable disc that can be used to play the course.

Of the new disc golf addition, Student Government Vice President, Hannah Thomas, said: “The Disc Golf course located across the Siena Heights University campus is a great addition to encourage students to hang out on campus and go outside. When the idea was brought up last year at one of our student government meetings, we all knew it would be such a great way for students to gather and have fun. Student Government strives to not only be the voice of the students, but also to add campus enhancements to enhance the Siena Experience!”  In addition to the disc golf course, the SHU Student Government has initiated two other campus enhancements in the last year—the first was the implementation of hammocks on campus, and the other was renovating the Ledwidge community kitchen. These additions are valuable contributions to improving the experience of students on-campus, and Siena Heights University is proud to support these continuous improvements.