Siena Heights University, known for its rich history and pioneering spirit, announces a substantial vote of confidence to address continuing challenges facing the institution. In support of a recently adopted strategic plan that addresses ongoing industry-wide pressures, the Adrian Dominican Sisters have presented a significant financial gift, underscoring their steadfast belief in the university’s mission and conviction in the steps being taken to move the institution positively forward.

“At Siena Heights University, we understand that to thrive, we must evolve,” stated Dr. Douglas B. Palmer, President of Siena Heights University. “With this generous contribution from the Adrian Dominican Sisters, we are encouraged to innovate, adapt, and continue our tradition of excellence, ensuring our students receive the best education possible.”

President Palmer emphasized that the generous gift represents just one element of a comprehensive strategy aimed at securing the institution’s viability for the long term. “This award is an essential piece of a broader plan to address the ongoing negative trends impacting the higher education landscape. Our storied institution is not immune to these challenges, and we are taking necessary steps to address them with the discipline and determination instilled in us by the Adrian Dominican Sisters,” he stated. 

Under the guidance of Chair Harry “Dusty” Steele and the Board of Trustees, as well as the leadership of Siena Heights University, the institution is charting a course for the future marked by collaboration, transparency, and unwavering commitment to its mission. Faculty, staff, and students are asked to be active partners in this journey, contributing their insights and expertise to shape the university’s strategic direction.

As Siena Heights University embraces the opportunities of tomorrow, it remains steadfast in its dedication to integrity, inclusivity, and student-centeredness, guided by the rich heritage of the Dominican Sisters and propelled by a shared vision of excellence.