Brain Gain Promise:

A tuition-free guarantee for eligible Michigan high school graduates!


The Brain Gain Promise was created to encourage more Michiganders to consider earning a college degree, in Michigan, and eventually remain as part of the state’s workforce. With many skilled professionals leaving Michigan to pursue economically advantageous opportunities in other states, Siena Heights is looking to do its part in remedying the brain drain phenomenon. By increasing Michigan students’ access to quality and affordable higher education, Siena Heights hopes to boost the connections and opportunities that come through internships, experiential learning, service learning, and the curricular and co-curricular benefits of a liberal arts education.

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The Brain Gain Promise is a tuition-free guarantee for eligible Michigan high school graduates designed to increase access to a quality, affordable, private education in their home state. Siena Heights promises to cover the remaining tuition costs after all federal and state aid has been applied.

To be eligible for the Brain Gain Promise, a student must:

  • Have graduated from a Michigan high school or be a Michigan resident.
  • Have a household income of $65,000 or less.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form by July 1, 2024.
  • Maintain full-time enrollment status for both Fall and Winter semesters.

Additionally, students from households with a total income of $80,000 or less will pay less than $10,000 a year in tuition costs!

Yes! Siena Heights is proud to offer a variety of scholarship opportunities based on extracurricular involvement, academic achievements, and more.

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Room and board are not included in the discount. However, students within 35 driving miles of the Adrian, MI campus may commute while still maintaining eligibility for the Brain Gain Promise. Further information on housing exemptions and criteria can be found here

The tuition discount for the Brain Gain Promise will begin in the 2024-25 Academic Year for the incoming 2024 class.

To keep receiving the Brain Gain Promise, you should maintain satisfactory academic progress and submit FAFSA annually.

Yes, the Siena Heights Admissions Counselors will identify students who qualify based on their FAFSA application and results. They will contact you with additional information.

Siena Heights University’s code is 002316

“Accessibility and choice are important factors of Brain Gain. Students should have the opportunity to choose the school that is right for them, regardless of their financial background. With greater access to educational facilities, resources, and funding through opportunities like our Brain Gain Promise, students are more likely to stay in-state and help Michigan flourish.”

Dr. Douglas Palmer, President

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