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Siena Heights University offers a CCNE accredited RN-BSN degree completion program for nurses who are interested in continuing to further their professional studies and careers.

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“The faculty and staff are there to inspire you to be better. They will make sure you are successful. I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t get that kind of one-on-one attention at a big online school.”
Nate Redlinger, BSN
Nate Redlinger, BSN

Learn More about Siena Heights University’s RN to BSN Program.

Siena Heights University offers a CCNE-accredited online RN to BSN degree completion program for nurses interested in continuing to further their professional studies and careers. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree (accelerated RN to BSN program) is designed for licensed Registered Nurses to earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing and can be completed within 16 months, completely online. This accredited Nursing Program is respectful of the dignity and worth of all people and SHU nurses are prepared to provide high-quality clinical nursing care in ever-changing health care systems.

Based upon a liberal arts foundation, the faculty and students collaborate in a dynamic teaching and learning environment that embraces caring, diversity and creativity. We listened to what working nurses told us they needed, and adapted our online courses to be practical and relevant to today’s health care professionals, allowing students to tie their personal and professional experience into the coursework.

Students admitted to the RN-BSN degree completion program must have graduated from a Siena Heights Nursing approved program; either a two-year associate’s degree nursing program or hospital-based diploma degree program. Incoming students must have a valid RN license.

Siena Nursing is approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing and by the Higher Learning Commission for the North Central Association.

Finish your bachelors degree in nursing in a time frame that works with your schedule – in as little as two years, depending on your remaining requirements and availability. A Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree is also available.

Cathleen Emery
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Erin Horkey
Co-Director of Nursing; Assistant Professor of Nursing, Pre-Licensure Program Coordinator
Jean Dean
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Karen Howatt
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Kelli Kusisto
Associate Professor of Nursing
Kristen Sorrow
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Lynn Klima
Associate Professor of Nursing

Siena Nursing is approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing and by the Higher Learning Commission for the North Central Association. 

Requirements for admission into the RN-BSN program: 

• An unencumbered license to practice as a registered nurse (RN)

• 40 semester hours of transfer credit in approved nursing courses

• Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5

• Current professional resume

• One letter of recommendation from a nursing faculty member or nursing supervisor


Requirements for graduation with a BSN:

A total of 120 credit hours with a minimum of 64 hours in approved nursing courses. Students can transfer up to 90 semester hours of required courses: 

• English Composition: 6 

• Anatomy/Physiology: 5-10

• Microbiology: 4 

• Social Science, Literature, History, Fine or Performing Arts: 3 

• Mathematics Proficiency 


Residency Requirements (Classes are available online):

The required courses below constitute the 30 hours with Siena Heights. All students must apply and be accepted into the Nursing program before enrolling in nursing courses.


Required Nursing Courses: 

24 semester hours with Siena Heights University:

NUR 301 Transition to Professional Nursing: 4 

NUR 375 Health Care of Communities & Vulnerable Populations: 4 

NUR 380 Evidenced Based Research in Nursing Practice: 4 

NUR 395 Health Policy and Informatics: 4 

NUR 460 The Art of Ethical, Cultural, & Spiritual Nursing Practice: 4 

NUR 480 Leadership & Health Care Organizations: 4


Required Non-Nursing Courses:

6 semester hours with Siena Heights University: 

• REL or PHIL course: 3 

• LAS 401 Senior Seminar: Integrative Experience

Costs & Aid

We know that college can be expensive, but we don’t want cost to keep you from attending Siena Heights University! We offer numerous financial aid opportunities. Federal aid is available to students who qualify by completing the FAFSA. Feel free to contact us with questions about financial aid opportunities, or click on one of the links below.