Haeussler, Jennifer Ann

  • Title: Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
  • Department: Child Development
  • EdD: Walden University; MA: Eastern Michigan University
  • Phone: 517-264-7841
  • Building: St. Joseph Hall
  • Office #: 106D

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Child Development

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Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education


I will teach students to respect others and themselves as learners, cooperate in group settings, value the learning process, and think abstractly to solve problems. I reach these educational goals by providing a safe, nurturing environment in which students grow emotionally, socially, physically, cognitively and spiritually.

The best medium for this growth is through active participation in the learning process and modeling.

Learners are individuals; each learner has unique interests, experiences, abilities and needs. To teach effectively, I must keep in mind the dynamics and needs of the group as well as the individuals’ characteristics and needs.

As the instructor, I will provide a positive developmentally appropriate classroom experience to encourage the development of positive attitudes about themselves as learners and about the learning process. Teacher candidates learn best when actively engaged and participating in a warm, stimulating, multi-sensory environment that provides for social interaction, individual choice, exploration and manipulation of concrete objects. 

As the instructor, it is important for me to introduce the concepts, allow time for active learning and provide intentional reflection opportunities on how the content of the course will apply to the candidates teaching career. An integrated curriculum is essential for candidates to learn in a holistic manner. Field work imbedded in the course content allows students to make connections between theory, pedagogy and practice.

A dynamic, research-based curriculum, founded on NAEYC best practices, learner centered philosophy and on meeting state and national standards, is imperative to positively impact future educators. My role is to facilitate and extend learning through research based, student centered learning.

I believe positive interactions between teacher and learner facilitate self-esteem, self-control, respect for others and positive attitudes toward school and learning.

Learners are expected to be actively involved in the educational process.

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