Rae, Sally

  • Title: Associate Professor of Education; Program Coordinator Elementary and Secondary Education
  • Department: Division of Education
  • Ed.S., Eastern Michigan University; M.A., Eastern Michigan University; B.A., Southern Methodist University.
  • Phone: 517-264-7892
  • Campus: Adrian
  • Building: Performing Arts Center
  • Office #: 113B

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Associate Professor of Education; Coordinator of Elementary and Secondary Programs


Meet Sally Rae
Associate Professor of Education
Coordinator for Elementary and Secondary Programs  


  • Ed.S., Eastern Michigan University
  • M.A., Eastern Michigan University
  • B.A., Southern Methodist University

Recent Awards and Achievements
  • Taught in Texas for 20 years before coming to Michigan
  • Served as President for the Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD)
  • Awarded MAHPERD's University Educator of the Year in 2006
  • Michigan Association for Colleges and Teacher Education (MACTE) board member
  • Directors and Representatives of Teacher Education Programs (DARTEP) board member
  • President First Elect (2015-16)
  • President (2016-17)

Teaching Philosophy

“We believe teaching is an art and our program is housed with the Visual and Performing Arts. We are focused on our the ability of our students to apply what they know out in the classroom. Our program is tougher than some, but principals in the LISD have shared that our students leave here very well-prepared. When asked, principals say our students are ‘solid, caring and prepared.’ Our small class size allows for a more personal approach to teaching for both the faculty and our students.”

"Given a sound foundation, appropriate opportunities and a positive classroom environment, I believe that all students can and do learn with support and encouragement. I believe to be successful in a career in the field of education one must strive to continually search out professional development in order to improve student learning. My open door policy promotes good communication and offers the opportunity for collaborating with students and faculty. The drive and desire to excel in the areas of health and wellness have laid the groundwork for my ability to help shape and guide the lives of those with whom I have worked and taught. Writing my first philosophy of education in 1982 it was clear, even then, that the terms health and wellness would be part of my lifestyle, personally and professionally. Twenty years later my initial philosophy has strengthened through experience and growth. Teaching and administrative experience in public and private schools gave me a broad view and different perspective of a variety of teaching and management styles. From low income public school children, to upper class private school faculty and staff, I came to understand that helping to develop a broader knowledge base of both health and wellness issues for students and staff was a strong factor in helping them to become self thinkers and lifetime learners.

As my career headed to the university level, I was able to use my time successfully going beyond my set teaching responsibilities, noticeably increasing my professional growth. Through presentations made at workshops and conventions, to the time spent with faculty and staff, my communication skills have continued to be strong assets. A genuinely positive attitude displayed in my personal life is also seen in my professional life through my teaching style and the positive feedback I receive from students and colleagues. At the core of my professional goals I have always desired to 'teach the teachers.' Upon graduation from SMU in 1982 I entered directly into the teaching field and for the next 20 years kept my desire to help develop better teachers in my sights.

I am confident that my philosophy and my goals are appropriate, that my professional experience and drive are strong enough not only to maintain, but also further develop my initial desire to positively influence the lives of others throughout my career in the field of education."

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