Dunne, Thomas Aquinas

  • Title: Professor of Philosophy
  • Department: Online Learning
  • Ph.D., St. Michael's College-Toronto; M.A., University of Detroit Mercy; B.A., Loyola University.
  • Phone: 248-799-5490
  • Campus: Online Learning

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Professor of Philosophy


Meet Tad Dunne
Professor of Philosophy  


  • B.A.: Philosophy, Loyola University
  • M.A.: Math, Theology, University of Detroit
  • Ph.D.: Theology, St. Michael's College, Toronto

Recent Awards and Achievements
  • Editor, Lonergan Studies Newsletter.  
  • Publish a quarterly review of recent publications, conferences, upcoming events, and information on projects related to the generalized empirical method of Bernard Lonergan.   Fall, 1998, to current.
  • Staff Artist, America.  (Jesuit Weekly) 1995-Current.
  • Provide weekly drawings to accompany articles on Sunday readings in The Word section.
  • “Hope and Aesthetic Healing.” Workshop presentation at the 11th Annual Foglio Conference on Spirituality and Medicine. University of Michigan. November 2, 2007.
  • “Spirituality of Music, Art & Poetry.” One-day workshop at Manresa Retreat House, Birmingham, Michigan, March 1, 2005.

Teaching Philosophy

"Being educated primarily means knowing how to surface relevant questions. Learning information is secondary. Method is more important than content. To adequately understand anything in the natural sciences and in human studies, it is necessary to understand the methods proper to various disciplines. We reach this understanding by analyzing what occurs in us when we know and when we make decisions, and when we love. Authenticity and commitment cannot be taught. Students learn them from teachers being authentic and committed."

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