Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) careers remain some of the most in-demand and high-paying careers available. Best of all, there are plenty of different educational routes that a student can take to land a job in one of these rewarding fields.

Today, we are going to explore a lesser-known, yet promising, degree path that can open the door to a wide range of STEM careers – the Bachelor of Applied Science degree. To help you decide if this degree is the right choice for you, we’ll look at what a Bachelor of Applied Science degree entails, how to choose the best Bachelor of Applied Science program, and the top jobs relating to Bachelor of Applied Science degree holders.

What is a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree?

At Siena Heights University, we have designed our Bachelor of Applied Science program specifically for professionals with allied health, public safety, technical/industrial, and/or specialized occupational backgrounds. When we first developed the program in 1975, it was designed as a career advancement tool. Almost fifty years later, our Bachelor of Applied Science is still helping professionals complete their degrees at an accelerated pace and receive the specialized training they need to advance their careers.

Rather than covering the technical skills that most working professionals are already familiar with, the Bachelor of Applied Science degree is designed to broaden a student’s education and provide additional, career-boosting skillsets such as leadership, communication, and management. It’s a degree program that is highly customizable based on a student’s prior work/academic experience as well their future career goals.

Our Bachelor of Applied Science degree program is also open to those who have completed a qualified Associate of Applied Science program. For students who have already earned their associate of applied science degree, our Bachelor of Applied Science is an excellent way to fast-track the process of earning a bachelor’s degree.

Top Bachelor of Applied Science Jobs

At Siena Heights University, our online Bachelor of Applied Science program is targeted toward professionals in healthcare, public safety, technical trade/industrial professions, and specialized occupational professions. With that said, a Bachelor of Applied Science degree is something that can open the door to a broad range of rewarding careers depending on your experience and the field(s) you choose to focus on. Some of the top Bachelor of Applied Science jobs that our graduates could be qualified for include:

  1. Health Services Manager. Health services managers work to plan, coordinate, and direct the business activities of healthcare facilities. The day-to-day responsibilities of this role include things such as setting and monitoring budgets, creating and managing an efficient organizational structure, overseeing legal responsibilities, revenue cycle management, and other administrative tasks. Along with a relevant bachelor’s degree such as a Bachelor of Applied Science, prior experience in a healthcare setting is typically required to pursue a career as a health services manager. Check out what the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has to say about the average salary and job outlook for health services managers.
  1. Drafting Engineer. Drafting engineers work alongside design engineers and/or architects to turn their designs into detailed technical drawings. Most drafting engineers spend much of their time working with computer-aided design (CAD) software that enables them to create intricate 2D and 3D technical drawings. The drawings are then used to guide the construction or manufacturing of a project or product. To learn more about the average salary and job outlook for drafting engineers, check out this link from the BLS.
  1. Radiation Therapist. Radiation therapy is commonly used to treat a variety of cancer types, and overseeing this treatment is the responsibility of radiation therapists. Radiation therapists work alongside oncologists to oversee and monitor the radiation treatments they prescribe. Along with a relevant bachelor’s or associate degree, clinical experience and state licensure are required to work as a radiation therapist. However, earning your Bachelor of Applied Science degree can be an excellent way to begin your career as a radiation therapist. Check out this link from the BLS to learn more about the average salary and outlook of this career.
  1. Construction Manager. Construction managers are in charge of overseeing large construction projects. They plan project budgets, manage construction crews, procure supplies, and a wide variety of other activities that go into seeing a construction project through from start to finish. Along with plenty of experience in the construction field, most firms prioritize candidates who have earned their bachelor’s degree. This makes a Bachelor of Applied Science degree great way for professionals already working in the construction industry to receive the education they need to advance their careers. To learn more about the average salary and job outlook for construction managers, check out this link from the BLS.
  1. Chemical Technician. Chemical technicians work alongside chemists and chemical engineers in both laboratory and manufacturing facilities conducting lab tests and analyzing the properties of various chemicals and materials. Most companies hiring chemical technicians require that applicants have at least an associate degree, though many require a bachelor’s degree as the minimum level of education. Check out this link from the BLS to learn more about the average salary and job outlook for chemical technicians.
  1. Law Enforcement Officer. The educational requirements to become a law enforcement officer can vary from role to role and department to department, ranging from a high school diploma to a bachelor’s degree. Regardless of whether it is required, earning your bachelor’s degree can be a great way to give your law enforcement career a boost. Within the field of law enforcement, there is a wide range of specialized roles, from detectives to crime scene investigators to special weapons and tactics (SWAT). To learn more about the average salary and job outlook for police officers, check out this link from the BLS.
  1. Systems Administrator. Systems administrators oversee the day-to-day operations of an organization’s IT infrastructure, including both hardware and software components. Common tasks performed by a systems administrator include installing and configuring new applications, troubleshooting issues, providing employees with technical support, and maintaining proper cybersecurity protocols. Check out this link from the BLS to learn more about the average salary and job outlook for systems administrators.
  1. Physical Therapist Assistant. Physical therapist assistants help physical therapists provide treatments to patients who are recovering from a broad range of conditions. This includes treatments designed to help patients recover or improve body function, relieve pain, and lessen a patient’s physical disabilities. In most cases, an associate degree is the minimum level of education required to pursue a career as a physical therapist assistant. To learn more about this career’s average salary and job outlook, check out this link from the BLS.
  1. Emergency Management Director. Emergency management directors work to prepare plans and policies for responding to natural disasters and other wide-scale emergencies and help to put those plans and policies into practice when disaster strikes. Most emergency management directors are employed by state and local governments, though many hospitals, universities, and other private organizations employ emergency management directors as well. Along with plenty of experience in emergency response, disaster planning, or public administration, a bachelor’s degree is typically required to work as an emergency management director. Check out this link from the BLS to learn more about this career’s average salary and job outlook.
  1. Sales Engineer. Sales engineers work to bridge the gap between product development and sales for companies that produce technology products. For a company selling products such as enterprise business software or complex industrial components, the typical salesperson often does not have the technical education or background to fully explain the product to customers. In these companies, sales engineers relay and explain information to sales teams as well as deal with more complex customer queries. As a unique career that combines elements of both engineering and sales management, sales engineering is a career that is ideally suited for the scope of our Bachelor of Applied Science degree. To learn more about the average salary and job outlook for sales engineers, check out this link from the BLS.


By providing professionals who have already acquired technical skills and experience with the leadership and management skills they need to further their career, Siena Heights University’s Bachelor of Applied Science degree serves as a powerful steppingstone in a variety of industries and fields.

Along with accepting credit for prior college work, this career-oriented program also accepts credit for certifications, work experience, and licensure – allowing many of our students to earn their bachelor’s degree in as little as two years. Our Bachelor of Applied Science degree program also provides students with the option to choose between online or blended learning, enabling you to choose the option that fits best with your learning style, schedule, and current living arrangements.

If you are interested in learning more about the Bachelor of Applied Science program, reach out to Siena Heights University, contact an admissions counselor, or request more information today.