Siena Heights University provides the opportunity for motivated students to earn college credit while still attending high school!

All high school students who wish to attend Siena Heights University as a dual-enrolled student must complete the Dual Enrollment Application with the assistance from their high school official (counselor/principal), and parent/guardian.

Most dual-enrolled students take entry-level (100-level) courses. Popular dual enrollment classes are:

  • BAM101: Introduction to Business
  • BIO121: Human Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO122: Human Anatomy and Physiology II
  • BIO141: Basic Concepts of the Cell
  • CHE110: Introduction to General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry
  • CHE141: General Chemistry I
  • CHE142: General Chemistry II
  • COM111: Introduction to Communications
  • CRJ101: Introduction to Criminal Justice
  • ENG101: Reading and Writing I
  • ENG102: Reading and Writing II
  • ENV110: Introduction to Environmental Studies
  • HIS111: World Civilizations Since 1500
  • MAT102: College Algebra
  • MAT143: Statistics and Society
  • MAT159: Pre-Calculus
  • MAT181: Calculus I
  • PSY111: Introduction to Psychology
  • SOC111: Introduction to Sociology
  • SPA101: Elementary Spanish I
  • SPA140: Elementary Spanish II
  • TSC101: Fundamentals of Speech Communication

The dual-enrolled students are not limited to the list above. Students are welcome to take most classes as long as they have met the pre-requisite(s) for that particular course.  For a list of all available courses through Siena Heights University, please visit Course Availability

If you have questions regarding the pre-requisites for any given course, please see the Siena Heights University Catalog: Course Descriptions.

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High school officials can provide the following information about the Postsecondary Enrollment Option Act: 

  • If you are eligible for Dual Enrollment,
  • What colleges/universities you can attend,
  • What classes you can take,
  • Who pays for the tuition, fees, books and transportation.

For additional information regarding the Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act, please visit the Michigan Department of Education website.


All high schools students who wish to complete classes through Siena Heights University must complete the Dual Enrollment Application in its entirety prior to being registered. Forms not completed in full with the authorizing signatures will not be processed.

Prior to registration, the student and high school must decide who is responsible for payment for the course(s) the student wishes to complete. 

While enrolled at SHU the student is subject to all University policies. This includes the policy regarding the adding, dropping, or withdrawing from a course and the release of final grades and official transcripts. 

Dual-enrolled students who choose to enroll at Siena Heights University assumes the obligation for conduct that is compatible with the University’s mission as an educational institution. Choosing to enroll at SHU requires a student to become aware of and abide by the behavior standards set by the University. Visit our website for further information on the Siena Heights University Student Code of Conduct.


Fast-tracking at Siena Heights University is a dual enrollment program that provides eligible high school students the opportunity to start earning college credit towards their Siena Heights University degree.

The idea of dual enrollment (DE) Fast-Track is that “3 is greater than 4” when it comes to degree completion.

Siena Heights University is committed to making the Fast-Track program beneficial to the high school students who intend to complete their degree with us.

  • DE students on the Fast-Track can potentially complete a four year degree plan in three years!
  • DE students will have access to an academic advisor.

High school students who wish to attend Siena Heights University as a Dual Enrolled student need to complete the Dual Enrollment application with the assistance of their parent/guardian and high school counselor/principal.

To see examples of Fast Track Programs at Siena Heights, click here.


How do I apply?
The Siena Heights University Undergraduate Dual Enrollment Application is used to process your guest student status with the University. This application allows SHU officials to register you for Siena classes.

Who has to sign the dual enrollment application?
The student, the legal guardian, and the high school official (counselor or principal). 

What if I am home-schooled?
If the parent/legal guardian signs off as the counselor/principal, and are willing to pay the cost of tuition, fees, and books associated to the SHU class(es), home-schooled students are welcomed to take SHU courses!

What classes should I take?
Consider looking at entry-level courses: ENG101, ENG102, PSY111, MAT102—these courses are typically part of the core courses at most universities/colleges. If you are a first-time college student, it is strongly recommended you select 100-level courses; however, SHU is happy to help you select the appropriate courses!

Who pays?
The student’s high school official will help you determine payee information. For more information on the State of Michigan guidelines, please visit the Michigan Department of Education Dual Enrollment webpage

Will I earn college credit for the class(es) I take at SHU?
Yes and no. Completing SHU academic courses means the student will have a permanent college transcript with Siena Heights University. Any classes taken at Siena will appear on the official transcript—along with the credits and grades earned, and the overall cumulative GPA. 

Hours successfully completed includes all credit hours attached to course grades of A, B, C, D, and CR. Hours attempted includes those successfully completed as well as those attached to courses in which grades of E, I, IP, NC, W, and WE were assigned. 

Will my credits transfer to other colleges and universities? 
The transferability of your SHU coursework is dependent on the institution you are looking to transfer. Institutions have differing policies regarding various program requirements. Overall, 2.0 grades or higher generally transfer—if not as a direct equivalency, then perhaps as general elective credit. It is always in the student’s best interest to speak to an official representative of the school in which they are looking to attend. 

What if I want out of the class? 
Dual-enrolled students are expected to adhere to SHU’s official policies regarding deadlines for dropping or withdrawing from a course. If a student decides they no longer wish to take the SHU course during the “drop” time period, the student should contact the dualenrollment@sienaheights.edu. 

Visit our academic catalog for further information on Add/Drop/Withdrawal Policies and Instructions

How do I get my official transcript from SHU?
Students can request their official SHU transcript by completing the transcript request form or ordering their transcript electronically through Parchment.com. Your official transcripts are processed through the SHU Registrar’s Office.