Pursuing a career-defining education in nursing requires time and dedication. Of course, it’s not a bad idea to lighten your load just a little as you explore your career future. One way is with some outside-the-classroom reading—nursing blogs.

Nursing blogs can be a source of inspiration and entertainment as you learn what it takes to succeed as a nurse. From nursing student blogs to funny blogs, these are the top nursing blogs every nursing student should be reading.

Funny Nursing Blogs

Nursing is a serious occupation, but you need a good dose of humor to get through each day well. Some funny nurse blogs may be just what the “doctor ordered” to keep spirits high throughout the day:

1. Nurse Buff

This blog takes a funny approach to the nursing field—it’s the place to go if you want to catch the latest nursing memes and funny quotes. It also provides a healthy dose of daily life advice for nurses, so it’s worth your time.

2. ScrubLife Humor

While It’s not actually a blog, but an Instagram feed run by a “novice RN trying to get through the shift In peace,” you’ll find plenty of humorous and cynical nurse memes, mostly laughing at the not-so-fun parts of working In healthcare.

3. Nurse Blake

Nurse Blake has plenty of memes that you can show to your fellow nursing students to break the ice and get people laughing. Nurse Blake is so funny that he goes on tour, and you can get a taste for his hilarity by following his blog.

4. Donna Cardillo, the Inspiration Nurse

Designed to inspire nurses, this blog has a healthy dose of humor written in as well. Donna’s goal is to help women in nursing feel happy in their careers, and she knows a good dose of laughter is a key component of that!

5. Nurse Abnormalities

Nursing is a quirky profession, at least that is the premise of this blog. Nurse Danielle LeVeck explores stories from the nursing industry … and some of the posts are quite entertaining. You’ll find a mixture of educational topics woven into this blog, as well.

6. Don’t Curse the Nurse!

The longer you’re in nursing, the more you will realize that nurses can take some abuse. The only way to learn to live with it is it learn to laugh, and that’s what Don’t Curse the Nurse strives to do. Learn from other nurses, laugh at the craziness of patients, and get some support and inspiration for your own career through this blog.

7. The Underside of Nursing

This is one of the only nursing blog that tackles nursing stories and topics in the form of poetry. Have a little fun and explore some literature with this off-the-cuff blog.

8. Diary of a School Nurse

Mix nursing and kids and you have a recipe for hilarity. This blog explores those “yes, it really happened” stories that only school nurses can have. It also provides practical tips for nurses in this field.

9. The Nurse Farmer

The Nurse Farmer is passionate about nursing and organic farming. He takes a fun and often humorous approach to talking about both in his blog.

10. GomerBlog GomerBlog has funny medical satire for all types of healthcare professionals. It has an entire section on nursing. This blog is only funny when you realize it is written as satire, but you’ll find it very interesting once you embrace the premise.

Academic Nursing Blogs

Not all blogs are designed to entertain. Sometimes you are going to want to follow a blog because of the education it provides, which can help you in school and in practice. Here are some blogs that are great for nursing students because of what they teach:

11. Nurse Alice Benjamin

Known as “America’s Favorite Nurse,” Nurse Alice isn’t afraid to tackle tough subjects in her blog. It’s an academic nursing blog because it covers factual nursing topics. Additionally, Nurse Alice is a black woman who tackles racial issues that affect the nursing career field.

12. Dear Nurses

Dear Nurses is unique because it has a number of graphical explanations for common nursing problems. If you’re a visual learner, this is a great blog to bookmark to use for your research. It’s also quite well established, dating back to 2006.

13. Off the Charts

Perhaps one of the most helpful academic nursing blogs, Off the Charts is the blog of the American Journal of Nursing. It explores just about any topic in nursing and has many expert writers on board.

14. Nurse Code

Nurse code is written to help nurses as they move through the nursing career ladder. It covers topics like how to ace an interview, how to reach out to a coworker who is struggling, or how to deal with conflicts within a unit.

15. On the Pulse

On the Pulse is the blog of Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. This blog covers nursing trends that are relevant to today’s nurses and nursing students. It also has some personal stories to keep the reading engaging.

16. Daily Nurse

Stay tuned on the latest medical studies, journal reports, and nursing law changes with Daily Nurse. This is a wealth of information to keep nursing students informed and aware of what is happening in the industry.

17. RegisteredNurseRN

Specifically designed for nursing school students, this blog offers insights and lectures to prepare for the NCLEX as well as general blog posts about the profession and nursing school.

18. Nurse Skyanne

Nurse Skyanne wants to see more nurses find success in school. She delves into topics and resources nursing students need to find success. She also talks about her personal experiences as a nurse, which some students find inspirational.

19. ANS: Advances in Nursing Science

Learn about the latest changes in nursing science through this blog. It explores everything from scientific breakthroughs to research studies, giving you relevant advice you can put into your future practice.

20. New Things Nurse

Through this blog, seasoned nurses encourage new nurses to understand their options and how to take the next step in their careers. It has plenty of practical education and personal accounts.

21. Straight A Nursing Student

Learn what it takes to succeed academically in nursing with this comprehensive blog for nursing students.

22. The Nerdy Nurse

The Nerdy Nurse explores technology and nursing education. Easy to read, this blog helps nurses understand the tech that’s available to them. It also has many product reviews.

Specialty Nursing Blogs

Do you picture yourself as a nurse manager, pediatric nurse, or in a geriatric practice? Specialty nursing lets you focus on one specific area. You may wonder what it takes to specialize in one field or another. These blogs from nurses in different specialties can offer some insight:

23. Nurse Gail

Nurse Gail is written by a nurse practitioner Gail Ingram who debunks medical myths and fads. It’s a great resource for student nurses who want to learn more about the facts of healthcare, so they can give their patients better overall care.

24. Your Nurse Attorney

Yes, nurses can face legal concerns just like professionals in any other industry. Your Nurse Attorney is written by Brown Law Office, a law firm that specializes in representing nurses. It explores a number of topics that relate to nurses and nursing students, including the legalities of nurse licenses.

25. Strategies for Nurse Managers

This blog explores the unique needs of nurse managers. It touches on how to work well with people and how to be a strong leader. If you feel that your career may be pushing you toward a leadership position, this is a blog you need in your back pocket.

26. Death Nurse

The title may seem somber, but this blog is quite fascinating. The author is a palliative care and hospice nurse who takes a proactive approach to address the issues of dying patients. You will come away inspired about the importance of this specialty after reading this blog.

27. Minority Nurse

If you are a nursing student that Is part of a minority group, you have unique issues to consider for your future career. Minority Nurse is a blog that will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of being a minority nurse in the modern healthcare industry.

28. The CRNA Chase

This blog is designed for APRNs and follows the work of Kiki Mattress, a certified registered nurse anesthetist. She helps nurses understand what it takes to become a specialized nurse in anesthetics or a similar field.

29. Nurse Barb

Nurse Barb is a women’s health nurse practitioner. She has unique insight into what it takes to work in this specialty and, also, posts health tips and inspirational stories.

30. Correctional Nurse

People in the correctional world are some of the most vulnerable patients around, and Correctional Nurse explores the unique challenges of working with this demographic. If you are interested in working with incarcerated patients, this is a must read.

31. The Relentless School Nurse

School nurses face unique challenges and sometimes see the worst in humanity as they deal with abuse, neglect, and trauma. This blog explores why working as a school nurse is so important and how school nurses can make a difference by being relentless.

32. Infusion Nurse Blog

This blog is unique to nurses and professionals who work in infusion and vascular practices. It provides education and inspiration.

Travel Nursing Blogs

Travel nursing allows you to take your nursing skills all around the country and, sometimes, even the world, working temporarily in areas where your skills are in particularly high demand. Travel nursing brings a unique set of challenges, and you will need to learn how to manage these effectively if you want to start a career in this field. These travel nurse blogs can help you understand more about the field:

33. The Wandering Nurse Blog

Kylie is a trauma nurse and travel junkie. She explores both nursing advice and travel tips in her blog, making it ideal for those who are considering travel nursing careers. You’ll find inspiration and great ideas for your next assignment when you follow her.

34. NurseZone Blog

This blog is operated by American Mobile, a travel nursing company with plenty to say about both nursing in general and travel nursing as a field. It also explores ways to handle the nursing shortage. If you aren’t sure whether travel nursing is a good fit, this is a great blog to start with.

35. The Traveling Nurse

K Chandler Rosemont is a pediatric RN who loves working as a travel nurse. She explores what the work is like, making this an insightful blog for those considering travel nursing.

36. TravelNursing.org

TravelNursing.org has a blog that helps travel nurses understand the technicalities of working in this field, including how to understand contracts for jobs and how to work with staffing agencies to find appropriate positions.

37. Medical Solutions Blog

Medical Solutions is a travel nursing agency, and its blog is full of information about what it takes to succeed as a travel nurse. Explore posts on everything from travel tips to nursing advice.

38. The Gypsy Nurse

Life as a travel nurse can feel like living as a gypsy, at least that’s the premise of The Gypsy Nurse. This blog is like a comprehensive guide to the world of travel nursing, and you need to add it to your blog reading list if you are considering this type of nomadic career.

39. American Traveler Travel Nursing Blog

Follow the news in the travel nursing world, as well as healthcare industry, with weekly blog posts from American Traveler. There are plenty of experience-based posts as well, so you can see just what life as a travel nurse is really like.

Nurse Lifestyle Blogs

There’s more to life than nursing. These blogs focus less on the nursing profession, and more on the personal life of bloggers who happen to be nursing professionals:

40. Yoga Nurse

This blog teaches you how to use meditation and yoga to be a more balanced nurse. When you feel the stress of your education and practice get to you, this is the place to go!

41. Nursing Stories

Do you love stories about nursing? The author of this blog, Marianna Crane, has over four decades of experience in the field as both a nurse and nurse practitioner. It is full of inspirational stories and personal anecdotes about patients.

42. Nurse Nacole

Nurse Nacole uses her blog to provide tips and personal stories about nursing. She targets nursing students but weaves plenty of personality into each post.

43. Nurse Keith’s Digital Doorway

Because it is a mixture of career advice and a lifestyle blog, this one ends up in this final category. You will get plenty of helpful tips from this blog as you follow Nurse Keith on his journey.

44. Mother Nurse Love

This blog is designed to reach real-life nurses who are also real-life moms. It discusses how to manage the work-life balance, self-care, and what it takes to succeed in both of these important roles.

45. Nursing Uncensored

Nursing Uncensored explores self-care, pet peeves, life in nursing school, work and home routines, and the overall world of nursing. It also provides product reviews for popular products nurses may use. The author, Adrianne, has been a night shift nurse for over 10 years.

46. J Paradisi RN

This blog follows both nursing topics and the author’s own artwork. It is a pleasing mix of information and artistic, making it a favorite among many nursing students. The author calls it a space where “science, humanity, and art converge.”

47. Minding the Bedside

Jerome Stone, RN, teaches nurses how to meditate and use mindfulness to stay balanced while performing important work. Nursing students who feel a large amount of stress can benefit from reading this blog.

48. According to Kateri

Kateri is a nurse, and she does delve into her profession in her blog, but she also talks about personal life. If you want to get to know a nurse on a personal level, while being thoroughly entertained, then this blog will touch your heart.

49. The Bossy Nurse

Sometimes nurses need a little bit of help to manage their own self-care, and that’s what you’ll learn from The Bossy Nurse. Nurse Marsha Battee is a lifestyle design strategist that will teach you how to take care of yourself while you take care of your patients.

50. Nursing From Within

This blog’s goal is to provide inspiration to nurses, so they can continue doing what they are passionate about. It has a healthy dose of self-care advice woven in.

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