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243 Faculty & Staff Available
Sister Peg Albert  Presidents OfficeE
P 517-264-7000
Elizabeth Artz  Student EngagementE
P 517-264-7607
Merrie Ann Bagget  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Kara Bailey  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 269-488-4019
Lori Bailey  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 800-203-1560
Matthew Barbee  College of Arts and SciencesE
P 517-264-7611
Karin Barbee  EnglishE
P 517-264-7698
Krissie Barnes  Presidents OfficeE
P 517-264-7100
Julie Barst  EnglishE
P 517-264-7678
Samantha Bartelotti  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7825
Timothy Bauer  AthleticsE
P 264-7878
Makayla Beck  Public SafetyE
P 517-264-7799
Aaron Benard  AthleticsE
Mark Bernard  EnglishE
P 517-264-7685
Kimberly Berrington  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7875
Brian Bertram  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
P 517-264-7676
Cheryl Betz  Presidents OfficeE
P 517-264-7234
Cynthia Birdwell  Public SafetyE
P 517-264-7194
Madelyn Birmingham  Marketing and CommunicationsE
P 517-264-7141
Susan Bissa  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 248-799-5490, ext. 7221
Robert Blohm Sr.  Public SafetyE
P 517-264-7800
Michael Blumenauer  Center for Student SuccessE
P 517-264-7163
Noah Bohl  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7833
Elizabeth Brooks  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 517-264-7662
Diane Brown  Division of EducationE
P 517-264-7921
Brad Bryan  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Norman Bukwaz  Graduate and Professional StudiesE
P 419-290-5319
Charles Cain  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7883
Ashley Calhoun  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Jessica Campbell  McNair Scholars E
P 517-264-7165
Maria Carrico  Career ServicesE
P 517-264-7612
Christopher Carter  Student LifeE
P 517-264-7606
Julia Cassell  Center for Student SuccessE
P 517-264-7651
Sister Emmy Chelagat Choge  Student LifeE
P 517-264-7190
Sara Chrenko  AdvancementE
P 517-264-7605
Callie Clare  CommunicationsE
P 517-264-7633
Paget Clark  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 269-235-9644
Linda Collins  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
P 517-264-7127
Christopher Cox  RegistrarE
P 517-264-7201
Gary Cox II  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Michael Crater  Public SafetyE
Andrew Crawford  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7846
Bruce Creque  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Wendy Crosby  Religious StudiesE
P 517-264-7684
James Curry  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 517-264-7686
Kendra Dafoe  MathematicsE
P 517-264-7658
Elizabeth Davis  Social WorkE
P 517-264-7688
Robert Dawson  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Jean Dean  Division of NursingE
P 517-264-7243
Leiah DeLeon  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 517-264-7617
Clint DeNudt  Public SafetyE
Jennifer Dickey  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 313-317-9450
Mark DiPietro  Division of Visual and Performing ArtsE
P 517-264-7895
David Dix  Division of Information TechnologyE
P 517-264-7115
Karen Doan  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Regina Dunn  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7184
Angela Dunn  AcademicsE
P 517-264-7176
Anna-Jo Duval  Student Support ServicesE
P 517-264-7616
Mickenzee Elliott  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7700
Cathleen Emery  Division of NursingE
P 517-264-7242
Jennifer Ermiger  Counselor EducationE
P 517-264-7235
Anthony Farina  Online LearningE
Lauren Fergus  Marketing and CommunicationsE
P 517-264-7095
John Fick  Leadership: Health Care AdministrationE
P 248-799-5490 ext. 7230
Jessica Finney  Social WorkE
P 517-673-3469
John Fleenor  Public SafetyE
P 517-264-7723
Julia  Forbes  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7188
Kelly Ford  MusicE
P 517-264-7896
Julieanna Frost  HistoryE
P 517-264-7642
Richard Gallatin  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Theresa Garcia  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 517-796-8672
Andreia Gendera  Division of Business & ManagementE
P 517-264-7859
Sydney Gerig  Public SafetyE
Alexander Gilbert  Public SafetyE
Benjemin Gilsdorf  Career ServicesE
P 517-264-7608
James Gornick  Online LearningE
P 517-294-8494
Evan Graham  RegistrarE
P 517-264-7123
Donovan Greenlese  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Keri Griffin  Online LearningE
P 517-264-7149
Gina Gudowski  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 517-796-8672
Jennifer Haeussler  Child DevelopmentE
P 517-264-7841
Kate Hamilton  Alumni OfficeE
P 517-264-7143
James Hamilton  AthleticsE
Shannon Hancock  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 517-264-7720
Ted Hanosh  AthleticsE
Leland Harper  PhilosophyE
P 517-264-7681
Laura Harvey  Marketing and CommunicationsE
P 517-264-7144
Meagan  Helm  Division of Information TechnologyE
P 517-264-7111
Timothy Henkel  Division of Information TechnologyE
P 517-264-7166
Cathy  Henning  Business OfficeE
P 517-264-7118
Peggy Hlavka  LibraryE
P 517-264-7153
Shelley Holly  Theatre SienaE
P 517-264-7890
Erin Homer  Public SafetyE
Erin Horkey  Division of NursingE
P 517-264-7216
Pamela Howard  Business OfficeE
P 517-264-7615
Karen Howatt  Division of NursingE
P 517-264-7245
Ashley Iott  Graduate and Professional StudiesE
P 517-264-7661
Nathaniel Iverson  MathematicsE
P 517-264-7161
Amber James  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 734-931-0086
Dalila John  Social WorkE
P 517-264-7858
Frances Johnson  Human Resources E
P 517-264-7109
Robin Johnson  Human Resources E
P 517-264-7106
J. Lee Johnson  Business OfficeE
P 517-264-7108
Sister Mary Jones, OP  Student LifeE
P 517-264-7105
Jeffrey Kallenbach  MathematicsE
P 517-264-7641
Dave Kallsen  Division of Information TechnologyE
P 517-264-7652
Nathaniel Kehres  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7182
Daniel Kesterke  MusicE
P 517-264-7898
Jonathon Kleinow  Criminal JusticeE
P 517-264-7691
Laura Klutsarits  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7874
Matthew Kohn  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7831
John Kolasinski  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7872
Sarah Korth  Residence LifeE
P 517-264-7187
Eric Kos  Political ScienceE
P 517-264-7671
Katrina  Kreichelt  Division of NursingE
P 517-264-7217
LeAnn Krokker  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 269-927-6711
Mary Kruse  Business OfficeE
P 517-264-7112
Melissa Krzyzaniak  Student Support ServicesE
P 517-264-7630
Deanna Kuebeck  RegistrarE
P 517-264-7619
Kelli Kusisto  Division of NursingE
P 517-264-7213
Wendy LaBeau  AccountingE
P 517-264-7628
John Labriola  Online LearningE
Mary Beth Leibold  Sport ManagementE
P 517-264-7624
Joni LeMay  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7870
Abigail Lenhart  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7178
James Loughran  Leadership: OrganizationalE
P 517-264-7663
Bryan Loveday  Division of Information TechnologyE
P 517-264-7006
Niesha Lowe  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7635
Milson Luce  BiologyE
P 517-264-7636
Rubin Luniku  EconomicsE
P 517-264-7621
Spencer Macek  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7836
Natasha Manchester  Financial AidE
P 517-264-7130
Concepcion Marquez  Academic AffairsE
P 517-264-7103
Nicole Marquez  Business OfficeE
P 517-264-7107
Derrik Marry  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7829
Heather Marshall  Workforce Development & PartnershipsE
P ‪517-618-1761
Rebecca Martinez  AthleticsE
Jeff Masse  Marketing and CommunicationsE
P 517-264-7145
Cody Mathis  Student LifeE
P 517-264-7683
Alexa Matta  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7842
Tina Matz  Workforce Development & PartnershipsE
P 517-264-7402
Torry Maynard  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Peggy McCann  Sport ManagementE
P 517-264-7627
Nicholas McClure  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7179
Emma McFaul  Division of Information TechnologyE
P 517-264-7164
Bridget McKeon  Division of Computing, Mathematics and the SciencesE
P 517-264-7640
Scott Meek  RegistrarE
P 517-264-7075
Kalin Meyer  Public SafetyE
Matthew Mieure  Division of Information TechnologyE
P 517-264-7918
Dawn Miller  Online LearningE
Carrie Mitchell  Division of EducationE
P 517-264-7899
Mad Mohre  ArtE
P 517-264-7866
Trudy Mohre  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7185
Heather Moody  Environmental ScienceE
P 517-264-7679
Heather Moore  McNair Scholars E
P 517-264-7160
Alan Moore  Online LearningE
Sandy Morley  Student LifeE
P 517-264-7193
Nicholas Mortensen  Division of NursingE
P 517-264-7219
Julius Nagy  ChemistryE
P 517-264-7639
Corey Ness  AthleticsE
Katherine O’Hotzke  AthleticsE
Scott Oliver  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7879
Michael Orlando  Student LifeE
P 517-264-7601
Mitchell Osadchuk  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7834
Khalilah Outlaw  Graduate and Professional StudiesE
P 800-787-7784 ext. 7232
Linda Pancone  Student AccountsE
P 517-264-7137
Wayne Parker  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Joseph Pechota  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7847
Amy Peck  Financial AidE
P 517-264-7121
Kory Petterle  Public SafetyE
Jacob Pifer  Public SafetyE
P 517-264-7800
Angela Pinkett  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 248-799-5490
Darius Price  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7181
Thomas Puszczewicz  Campus MinistryE
P 517-264-7192
Joseph Raab  Religious StudiesE
P 517-264-7673
Sally Rae  Division of EducationE
P 517-264-7892
Jesse Ramirez  Marketing and CommunicationsE
Mo  Rammuny  AthleticsE
Pradeep Ranaweera  EngineeringE
P 517-264- 7645
Debrah Ray  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7886
Mary Raymond  Online LearningE
P 818-667-9711
Roy Regalado  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Josh Reilly  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7843
Carlee Resh  BiologyE
P 517-264-7643
Kirk Richards  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7881
Danilo Riella  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7001
Liesel Riggs  Marketing and CommunicationsE
P 517-264-7147
Matthew Ripper  Division of Business & ManagementE
P 517-264-7622
Mary Roberts  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 517-264-7189
Steven Robinson  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7824
Annmarie Roboski  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 269-248-1781
Geoffrey Roche  Workforce Development & PartnershipsE
P 517-264-7401
Ricky Rockwood  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
P 517-264-7128
Rochelle Rojas  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Benjamin Rosebrock  Student Support ServicesE
P 517-264-7631
Patricia Rousselo  PsychologyE
P 517-264-7851
Gail Ryder  Online LearningE
P 248-799-5490
George Sadler  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Alan Sandifer  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7869
Stacy Schaffner  Student AccountsE
P 517-264-7134
Christopher Scharer  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Elizabeth Schultz  AdvancementE
P 517-264-7136
Kassi Schulz  Student AccountsE
P 517-264-7726
Patricia Seawick  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Susan Shelangoskie  Academic AffairsE
P 517-264-7667
Frederick Shepherd  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
P 517-264-7128
Anna Short  McNair Scholars E
P 517-264-7165
Lauren Slepsky  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 313-317-9450
Tracy Slomski  AdvancementE
P 517-264-7007
Fred Smith  AdvancementE
P 517-264-7876
Graciela Solis  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Kristen  Sorrow  Division of NursingE
P 517-264-7244
Lindsay Soucie  Public SafetyE
Patrick Sroufe  Public SafetyE
Neysa Stacey  Division of NursingE
P 517-264-7732
Emily Stober  Student Support ServicesE
P 517-264-7917
Lucas Strom  Division of Information TechnologyE
P 517-264-7156
Brian Sunderman  Division of Information TechnologyE
P 517-264-7116
Cynthia Sutherland  Graduate and Professional StudiesE
P 517-264-7693
Cy Swoboda  Marketing and CommunicationsE
P 517-264-7924
Susan Syljebeck  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7871
Kaitlyn Taylor  AthleticsE
Elizabeth Teague  AthleticsE
P 517-264-7819
Sabrina Terrany  Business AdministrationE
P 517-264-7625
Danielle Teunion-Smith  Criminal JusticeE
P 517-264-7853
Samantha Thacker  Residence LifeE
P 517-264-7171
Jun Tsuji  BiologyE
P 517-264-7649
Melissa Tsuji  Career ServicesE
P 517-264-7614
Timothy VanBeke  ArtE
P 517-264-7848
Mark Vroman  Online LearningE
Thomas Wassmer  BiologyE
P 517-264-7637
Steven Wathen  ChemistryE
P 517-264-7657
Krishanthi Weerasinghe  ChemistryE
P 517-264-7644
Lesley Weidner  Graduate and Professional EnrollmentE
P 517-264-7191
Lois Wilcox  Building and Grounds/CustodialE
Trevor Willis  McNair Scholars E
P 517-264-7157
Jake Wilson  Public SafetyE
Mike Winstrom  Online LearningE
P 248-799-5490
George Wolf  Undergraduate AdmissionsE
P 517-264-7177
Eleanor Wollett  Division of EducationE
P 517-264-7888
Joanne Yastik  Division of NursingE
P 517-264-7241
Daniel Yatzek  Financial AidE
P 517-264-7132
Michael Yuen  Theatre SienaE
P 517-264-7889