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Siena Heights University Announces 2021 Alumni Award Winners 

ADRIAN, Mich. – Siena Heights University announced its 2021 Alumni Award winners. This year’s recipients will be honored Oct. 15 during Homecoming Weekend. 

Saint Dominic Award

The Saint Dominic Award winner is Julianne Dolan (class of 1976) of Adrian, Mich. Dolan. Dolan has been a longtime theater educator in Lenawee County, working for Adrian Public Schools. She became the district’s first Fine Arts Director and continues to volunteer for arts-related events like Art-A-Licious and still direct shows at the Croswell Opera House. The Saint Dominic Award recognizes commitment to Christian education in family, school or community.  

Outstanding Alumni Award

The recipient of the Outstanding Alumni Award is Angela Edward (class of 2009) of Jackson, Mich. Edward works as a social worker at Thome PACE, an organization that provides a variety of services to the elderly, allowing them to maintain independent lifestyles and stay out of retirement homes. She was also the 2020 winner of the Jackson Community Big Sister of the Year Award. The Outstanding Alumni Award recognizes outstanding professional achievements and/or volunteer contributions to promote Siena positively to the community, demonstrate strong leadership characteristics and serve as significant role models for others.  

Honorary Alumni Award

The Honorary Alumni Award winner is former Siena Heights administrator, coach and faculty member C. Patrick Palmer of Bradenton, Fla. Palmer served as a coach, athletic director, faculty member, dean and in enrollment spanning over four decades. He retired from SHU in 2013 as Vice President of Enrollment Management. The Honorary Alumni Award recognizes non-alumni of Siena Heights who demonstrate exceptional commitment to and support for the mission and spirit of the University. 


Recent Graduate Award

Receiving the Recent Graduate Award posthumously is Mitchell Prater (class of 2018), formerly of Toledo, Ohio. Prater was a dynamic leader while a student on the Adrian campus. A social work graduate, Prater was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and passed away Dec. 16, 2020. During his battle, the Facebook group “The Mitchell Project” provided insight into his final months of his life.  He is being honored for his work assisting others, especially those with disabilities and how he lived his life in the spirit of the Siena Heights mission. The Recent Graduate Award recognizes alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years, and whose professional achievement, community involvement and/or civic commitment demonstrate dedication to Christian values and the spirit of Siena Heights University. 

Alumni Awards Information

Nomination Procedures

Nominations for Alumni Association awards are welcome at any time. Award winners are usually selected each spring and honored during Homecoming Weekend. Nominations remain in the candidate pool for consideration for up to three years. In order to be considered, all nominees are required to have a minimum of three support letters

Alumni awards are open to graduates of Siena Heights University including Siena Heights College and St. Joseph College. The Honorary Alumni Award is presented to persons who are NOT graduates of Siena Heights, a Dominican university.

Potential honorees may be nominated for by SHU alumni, members of the faculty or staff, or other persons who know the nominee and the University well.

Final selection of award recipients rests with the Alumni Association Board of Directors, which reserves the right to consider a nominee for an award other than that suggested by the nominator. All awards may, but will not necessarily, be given annually.

Some helpful information to include in your nomination:

  • A description of the personal qualities, characteristics and professional or volunteer accomplishments that qualify the nominee for award consideration. (See award descriptions for specific award critieria.)
  • Names of other person(s) or organization(s) who will provide support for the nomination and/or further information about the nominee. NOTE: It is the nominator’s responsibility to solicit additional support as appropriate; testimonials are recommended.

Outstanding Alumni Award

The Outstanding Alumni Award recognizes alumni whose outstanding professional achievements and/or volunteer contributions promote Siena positively to the community; who demonstrate strong leadership characteristics; who serve as significant role models for others; and who embody the spirit of Siena Heights University.

Saint Dominic Award
The Saint Dominic Award recognizes commitment to Christian education in family, school or community. 

Sister Ann Joachim Award

The Sister Ann Joachim Award is presented in memory of faculty member Sister Ann Joachim, OP, and recognizes significant contributions to the University and/or community through activities that demonstrate strong leadership, the ability to get things done, and the capacity to confront issues head on while maintaining the image and spirit of the University.

Recent Graduate Award

The Recent Graduate Award recognizes alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years, and whose professional achievement, community involvement and/or civic commitment demonstrate dedication to Christian values and the spirit of Siena Heights University.

Honorary Alumni Award

The Honorary Alumni Award recognizes non-alumni of Siena Heights who demonstrate exceptional commitment to and support for the mission and spirit of the University. Individuals selected for honorary alumni status shall be inspirational role models who have made a significant difference for Siena Heights by sharing themselves through generous and sustained gifts of time, talent and/or treasure.

NEW! Alumni Award nominations can now be made ONLINE! To be considered for 2020 awards, nominations must be received by March 1, 2020. To nominate, click on the icon below.

Nominate an alumni award


For a printable nomination form, click here.

Send or email nominations to:
Alumni Relations Office
Siena Heights University
1247 East Siena Heights Drive
Adrian, MI  49221




1977 Barbara Dumouchelle ‘51=

1978 Marycatherine McCarty ‘45

1979 Miriam M. Stimson, OP ‘36=

1980 Margaret F. Flanagan ‘44=

1981 Lena Sylvester ‘49=

1982 A. Evelyn Capoun ‘48=

1983 Mary Ann McRobert ‘79

1984 Eileen Rice, OP ‘68=

1985 Pilar Cruz Lujan ‘55

1986 Marie Irene Miller, OP ‘36=

1987 Dorothy Browne, OP ‘32=

1988 Frances Bock Nowakowski ‘48

1989 Jean Cecile Hunt, OP ‘39=

1990 Nancy J. Potter ‘78

1991 Anthonita Porta, OP ‘63=

1992 Donita Sullivan ‘52=

1993 Helen Duggan, OP ‘41

1994 Nadine Foley, OP ‘45

1996-97 Anna Bakeman Tompert ‘38

1997-98 Kenneth B. Phillips ‘75

1998-99 Mary Duggan Cassabon ‘48

1999-00 Tim Bauer ‘82

2001 Judith McNally Redwine ‘66

2002 Karla Grohman Dunn ‘64

2003 Kenneth Thompson ‘77

2004 Karen Erickson ‘60

2005 Maurine Barzantni, OP ‘59

        Renee Richie, OP ‘60

2006 Iqbal Roshd ’83

2007 John Detro '85

2008 Susan Kelly ’69

2009 Jacob Chi ’85

         Tod Marshall ’90

2010 Jamie Richardson ’87

        Allan Rodewald ’80

2011 Matthew Schwartz ’88, ’97 ’80

2012 Douglas Miller ’74, ’83 

2013 Michael Morgan '83

         Jason Sanderson '92

2014 Darrell Issa '76

2015 Michael Donovan '75

2016 Catherine DeClerq, OP '58
          Sharon McGuire, OP '68 (posthumously) =

2017 Dr. Kyle Griffith '92, '97MA, '00Spec.

2018 Michael Lane '05 

2019 Harold J. Love '98, '13
2020 Jere Righter '95


1984 Lawrence Richardson, Jr. ‘76

1985 Rodney Houchins ‘81

1986 Charles Fort ‘74

1987 Michael Griffin ‘80

1988 Mary Jean Klebba ‘85

1989 Ann Johnston Hughes ‘82

1992 Philip Abele ‘79

1993 Michael B. Quinn ‘85

1996-97 Patrick F. Irwin ‘86

1999-00 Mary Helen Kloeckner Halley ‘89

2001 Denise M. Keeley ‘88=

2002 Margaret Smith Randle ‘99

2003 Anna Rodriguez-Webber ‘98

2005 Mark Murray ‘97 MA

         Mary Murray ‘97 MA

2006 Seyed-Jalal Hosseini ’96

2008 Judy Drake ’00

2009 Anthony Butler ’04

2010 Harold Love ’08

2011 Lacey Wilmot Rao ’02

2012 Traci Stewart ’02

2013 Erika Wolcott Henry '07

2014 Kyle Leighton '13

2016 Amy Wertenberger '08, '11MA

2018 Thomas Thompson '09

2019 Zach Bailey '14

2020 Ryan Bernard Tymensky '10


1984 Jane Korte Waldo ‘53

1985 Cecelia Schwartz ‘73

1986 Mary Poore ‘76

1987 Alice Robie Resnick ‘61

1988 William Kressbach ‘72

1989 Matilda Szaroletta ‘66

1990 Connie Berube Binsfeld ‘45=

1991 Julie Hyer, OP ‘72

1992 Margaret Scholz Noe ‘75

1993 Evangeline Davis, OP ‘38

1994 David Ballenberger ‘72

1997-98 Deborah Carrington Keller ‘74

1998-99 Tarianne DeYonker, OP ‘70

1999-00 Sharon Weber, OP ‘69

2001 Dorothy V. Gonzales ‘78

2002 Donna Kustusch, OP ‘63

2003 Daniel Malley ‘85

2004 Emery Harlan ‘86

2005 Carol Fowler ‘66

2006 Mary Ann Flannery, SC ’64

2007 Sister Mary Alan Stuart, OP ’62

2008 Karen Verlinden ’68

2009 Gabrielle Davis ’85

2010 Gregg Milligan ’85

2011 Mary Jane Lubinski, OP ’73

2012 Anne Birnbryer MacMillan Eichman ’67

         Sister Patricia Siemen, OP ’72

2013 Catherine Zick Robinson '69

2014 Colleen Lewis Aguilar '04, '06

2015 Jacqueline Battalora '88

2016 Patty Driscoll-Shaw '70

2017 Margaret Lawler Michael '82, '85MA

2018 Paula Zimmer '69 

2019 Melissa Kirsch Sissen '77

2020 Joseph Williams '88


1983 Marjory Thompson Iott ‘49

1984 Jeanne Olivier Riesterer ‘47

1985 Betty Solem Clifford ‘46=

1986 Gayle VanHavel ‘76=

1987 Therese Craig, OP ‘48=

1988 Therese Roekle-Wales ‘68

1989 Judith Lavelle ‘58

1990 Dennis Frandrup, OSB ‘73

1991 Veronica Tamm, OP ’56

1992 Beatrice Cunningham Meyer ‘32=

1993 Mary Jo Stolpmann Fleming ‘47

1994 Juanita Flores, OP ‘74=

1996-97 Patricia F. Walter, OP ‘66

1997-98 Barbara Cervenka, OP ‘64

1998-99 Jean Agnes Klemm, OP ‘44=

1999-00 Joan Delaplane, OP ‘56

2001 Barbara Chenicek, OP ‘57

         Rita Schiltz, OP ‘46

2002 Phyllis Kreiner, OP ‘65

         Loretta May, OP ‘58, ‘63

2003 Mary Conway Stonehill Mullins ‘54=

2004 Patricia Brady, OP ‘63

2005 Nancyann Turner, OP ‘63

2006 Rosalie Esquerra, OP ’65

2007 Patricia McDonald, OP ’69

2008 Mark DiPietro ’83

2009 Mary Beaubien, OP ’55

2010 Trudy McSorley ’70

2011 Mary Cele Kane Doyle ’64

2012 Sister Angela Susalla, OP ’63, ’70

2013 Sister Jean Joseph Hughes, OP '68=

2014 Dr. Thomas Bilan '92

2015 Lois Hueneman Chazaud '49

2016 Katie Guilbault Decker '89

2017 Sister Paticia Dulka, OP '68

2018 Sean Jorgensen '95 

         Beth McCullough '86 

2019 Sister John Norton OP '57
2020 Damon Sloan '07

2011 Dr. Michael Dawson 

2012 Sister Patricia Schnapp, RSM 

2013 Jennifer Hamlin Church 

2015 Deborah Carter 

2016 Dr. Louis Vaccaro

2017 Dr. Mark Schersten

2018 Dr. Robert Gordon

2019 Norman A. Bukwaz

2020 Sandy Vanderlaan


= deceased