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A Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Siena Heights University will open many types of employment opportunities for you.

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“It really illustrated that the size of your school doesn’t matter. The quality of the school does, and I really am thankful that Siena prepared me to be able to be competitive in that arena.”

Jamie Richardson ’87

Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations

White Castle



Jamie Richardson '87

Learn about how Siena Heights helped Siena Heights graduate Jamie Richardson in his career and professional life at White Castle.

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Siena Heights University will open many types of employment opportunities for you. With Siena Heights University’s emphasis on communication and ethics, you may confidently choose to start a new career or take your work in the business field to the next level. Through its curriculum and advising, BBA faculty offer business majors the opportunity to become proficient, engaged citizens. This is imperative in today’s business climate. Approximately 60 percent of the program’s core courses are based in case methodology. Case study sharpens analytical ability and heightens student ability to think and reason rigorously. Other focuses in the BBA program include communication, creativity, and integrative thinking. We want our students to be able to express their creativity through writing, verbal, and visual means, have the skills to detect interrelationships among component parts and assess their importance in creating solutions.

Andreia Gendera
Associate Professor of Business Management
Anthony Duran
Assistant Professor of Business
Matthew Ripper
Assistant Professor of Business Management
Sabrina Terrany
Associate Professor of Marketing

The Business Management Association (BMA) is a campus club that welcomes students interested in business (from accounting to entrepreneurship, from international studies to marketing). The club serves three major purposes: education, service, and social enrichment.

Volunteering as a club officer provides students the additional opportunity to develop, strengthen and apply leadership skills.

To complete the major, Business students adopt the role of CEO and present a final case analysis to a panel of local Michigan business professionals —demonstrating the student’s understanding of business’s best practices.


BBA grads often pursue careers in advertising, banking, small business ownership, manufacturing and retail. Master the skills employers are seeking via an online bba degree, or take classes in person with the option of a concentration. Concentrations include coursework in marketing, management, finance, and more. Curriculum is customized based on each individual student’s path and goals.

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We know that college can be expensive, but we don’t want cost to keep you from attending Siena Heights University! We offer numerous financial aid opportunities. Federal aid is available to students who qualify by completing the FAFSA. Feel free to contact us with questions about financial aid opportunities, or click on one of the links below.