Lacey Wilmot Rao '02

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Biology Graduate; Orthopedic Surgeon

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Biology Graduate; Orthopedic Surgeon


Meet Lacey Wilmot Rao '02
Biology Graduate

An orthopedic surgeon and active community volunteer in Tucson, Ariz., Lacey Wilmot Rao credited Siena Heights with some important lessons.

“You don’t go to college to learn ‘things,’ you go to learn how to learn,” she said, noting how quickly things change in medicine. “The faculty at Siena do a tremendous job of teaching more than facts; they teach you how to seek knowledge. I encourage today’s students to remember that much of what we know now will change. Try to focus on refining how to think and learn, as opposed to only memorizing facts.”

Her experiences as a student and athlete at SHU taught her that “working hard, knowing how to think, and working well with others will make you successful in life. But what will make you happy? The simple answer is, doing what you love and sharing your talents with the world. Choose to do the thing that excites you, that makes you feel proud of your work, and that makes you smile.”

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