Ball, Stephen R.

  • Title: Professor of Management
  • Department: Online Learning
  • Ph.D., University of Michigan; M.A., University of Michigan; M.B.A., Wayne State University; B.A., Wayne State University
  • Phone: 734-219-3990
  • Campus: Online Learning
  • Website:
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Professor of Management


Teaching Philosophy

(Please also visit my web site above.)

I have taught management courses for over 25 years, online for over 20 years. Through graduate education and both professional and teaching experience, I have developed a problem-based learning approach that supports students in their unique approaches to learning. Management is a profession, with its knowledge dedicated to the common good as well as for the enrichment of shareholders. This is consistent with various teachings of Catholic social justice, such as the papal encyclical on capital and labor, Rerum Novarum. My hope is for our business graduates to carry with them a sense of service to community and society, in keeping with what it means to be a professional, as well as serving shareholders. 

Our graduates must be competent, as are graduates of other business schools. In addition they should have purpose in their work, hold themselves to high ethical standards, and respect the dignity of all they encounter -values often in short supply among managers. 

In the liberal arts tradition, I care less about what students think but deeply about how they think. Different opinions, well-reasoned and clearly articulated, are encouraged. In the Dominican tradition, we will study in community and share the fruits of our contemplation. It is an honor for me to teach at Siena Heights, supporting its century of Catholic liberal arts higher education.  

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