Kos, Eric

  • Title: Assistant Professor of Political Science
  • Department: Law and Politics
  • Phone: 517-264-7671
  • Campus: Adrian
  • Building: Sacred Heart Hall
  • Office #: 404C

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Law and Politics

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Assistant Professor of Political Science


Meet Eric Kos
Assistant Professor of Political Science

B.A.: The Colorado College
Ph.D.: University of Michigan

Special interests

My academic interests include (broadly) British idealism, political philosophy, law, educational philosophy and American politics. My non-academic interests include running, biking, any kind of water sport, remodeling projects and good conversation.

Teaching philosophy

"The distinctive trait of liberal learning is what philosopher Michael Oakeshott called the 'gift of the interval.'  It is the gift of setting off on the intellectual adventure of seeing the world in a manner different from our current one; an opportunity, if only for a moment, to simply reflect on the world we live in and the past from which it inextricably came, without the pressure to accept it or reject it, to maintain it or to change it, but to understand it and to make of it what we will.  This is the liberation in liberal learning. It is that all to short interval to explore the set of human understandings that have come down to us, understandings that compose a conversation, begun long ago, about what the world is like, what human begins are like, and our relationship to that world. It is the hope others will find the conversation equally rewarding and that it will help graduate conversational partners that are thoughtful, ethical, flourishing individuals that energizes my teaching and inspires me to improve at this calling."

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