Tsuji, Jun

  • Title: Professor of Biology; Chair of Computing, Mathematics and Sciences Division
  • Department: Biology

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Professor of Biology


Meet Jun Tsuji
Professor of Biology  


•  Ph.D., Michigan State University
•  B.S., University of Michiga

Recent Awards and Achievements:

•  Student Organization Faculty Advisor of the Year.
•  Mentored two Beta Beta Beta Biological Honors Society National Research Champions.
•  Authored The Soul of DNA: The True Story of a Catholic Sister and Her Role in the Greatest Scientific Discovery of the Twentieth Century, which was nominated for the Rossiter History of Women in Science Prize.
•  Chemical Heritage Foundation Research Travel Grant.
•  $50,000 USDA-National Research Initiative Competitive Grant Award • Author of 16, peer-reviewed, scientific research papers. 

Teaching Philosophy:

“In the Science Department, we embrace the spirit of study and community – two of the Dominican pillars of life. Our majors are supported by a vibrant learning community that combines the wholeness of a liberal arts education with a strong spiritual foundation. At Siena, you are part of an extended family that meets regularly inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to hands-on collaborative learning in our $1.9 million renovated science building, students also gather regularly for fieldtrips, special lectures, community service projects, or simply to study together. In the Science Department, you are supported not only by your fellow classmates, but also by your professors, who are your mentors, colleagues, advisors, and caring guides on your journey to academic fulfillment.”

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