Weebly Internal Web Page Request Form 
Please complete the form at right to request permission to create a personal, divisional or departmental web page. If approved, faculty and staff will have access to the Weebly for Education portal, which is to be used in the development of these pages. Once finalized, a direct link to division/department pages will be placed in the Departments and Offices listing of MySiena; personal pages will be linked to the corresponding profile page in the Faculty/Staff directory.

NOTE: These pages will not replace any pages created on the www.sienaheights.edu (public) site. The individual(s) applying for permission to create this page will abide by University content and usage policies. The University reserves the right to remove any page from its network for inappropriate use.


Upon receipt of the completed form, the Technology Trainer will either:
  • Create the SHU defined personal web page and web address (EXAMPLE: username.sienaheights.edu) and notify the applicant when the page is available for editing.
  • Send you an invitation to add your existing Weebly web site to the SHU campus edition of Weebly.

For complete online Weebly tutorial instructions, click here.

Web Page Request Form