Welcome! Are you ready to finish your undergraduate degree from SHU and the opportunities that follow? Steps 1 through 7 outline the admissions process that you will follow before attending your first course. All you have to do is complete the 7 steps to get started.


An official high school transcript or GED certificate.

A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in college transfer coursework including official transcripts (Review the current academic catalog for detailed information).

1. Submit Your Application

Applying online is free and easy. Click apply online to begin the process today! Select the degree completion location of your choice within the form. Your application will be routed directly to the Siena Heights University Degree Completion Location.

2. Schedule an Advising Appointment

Contact the Degree Completion Location to schedule an initial advising appointment. Your advising appointment will include an assessment of your education and work history as well as identifying official documents (noted in steps 3 through 6 below) needed for admission to the university. Copies of transcripts and a current resume will likely be requested prior to your appointment.

3. Submit Transcripts

For admission to the university, submit official transcripts from all previously attended universities, military credit, and high school transcript or GED certificate to the university. Check with the Degree Completion Center to determine the correct mailing address.

4. Military Information

Submit military training and service. Download a copy of your military educational records from your service’s website. Submit this transcript to the Coordinator of Veterans Services. The University’s Registrar will determine what military credits can be awarded.

5. Other Documents

Signed letters of work experience and/or copies of certificates of training may be required for admission. Check with your advisor to determine the process for submission of these documents.

6. Official Documents

All official transcripts and signed letters of work experience must be mailed directly from the issuing school and/or employer.

7. File FAFSA

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online at

Readmission Application

Students who have previously been enrolled at Siena Heights University and have been separated from the University for at least one full term (excluding summer) must complete the Application for Readmission for consideration to return to the University.

Official transcripts of all college coursework attempted since the student last attended Siena Heights University must be submitted, along with any additional requested information, prior to a readmission decision. If readmitted, the student will be bound by the requirements of the catalog governing at the time of readmission, and not by any previous catalog.

To apply for Readmission for any of Siena Heights University’s SHU Global areas – Online or Graduate College, click here.