Public Services Administration

Public Services Administration

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Health Care Administrator, Mayor of Kalamazoo, Mich.
  • PSA: Major Requirements
  • PSA: Minor Requirements


This program is ideal for public service workers and government employees who seek administrative or managerial advancement. Students gain upper-level experience through administrative internships, and senior field projects researching contemporary issues or problems.

Program instructors are active practitioners with hands-on knowledge of these very specific fields. They will be able to understand and explain varieties of human behaviors in the workplace and seek solutions to problem behaviors in the workplace.

PSA majors will identify issues critical to public service and human service administration and develop strategies to effectively deal with these issues, and will develop management skills for daily operation and long-range planning strategies for the future. Students will express recognition and understanding for different ethnicities, races, ages, classes, and genders and how these factors impact service delivery systems to the community. They will be able to develop a budget for a public service or human service agency and will understand the role of public policy in budgeting and financing for public and human service agencies.

The Public Services Administration major is offered at one or more centers of The College for Professional Studies but is not available in The College of Arts and Sciences. Classes required for the Public Services Administration major may not be available on the Adrian campus.

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Services Administration is a career-oriented degree designed for aspiring and current public service professionals. Our PSA curriculum brings an interdisciplinary approach that prepares students to serve as highly-skilled and ethical leaders in the public and non-profit sector.

This dynamic online program brings valuable real-world scenarios including a virtual case study presentation in PSA 495 Senior Seminar. Students will learn and apply their knowledge in areas such as budgeting, critical issues, ethics, communication, leadership, project management, and research methods.

In a completely online 8-week format, students will engage in meaningful discussions and assignments on a variety of topics pertinent to public service professionals. Online courses are taught by faculty with direct leadership experience in the public service sector.

The Public Services Administration major is a 36-credit hour online program. At a minimum, students are required to complete 18 credit hours of major coursework at the 300/400 level, complemented by the completion of other elective and liberal arts education requirements to fulfill overall bachelor's degree requirements.

The Public Services Administration program (major and minor) is offered through the College for Professional Studies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for public administration occupations is projected to grow 7-16 percent between 2018-28.

Graduate with your Public Services Administration degree in a rising occupational field from an award-winning online program!


Course Type
Required Credit Hours
Course Type REQUIRED
Required Credit Hours 18Credit Hours
Required Credit Hours 18Credit Hours
Total for major
36Credit Hours
Course Name
Course Type
Credit Hours
Course Name Info. Technology Project Manage.
Course Type COGNATE
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Introduction to Sociology
Course Type COGNATE
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Issues in Social Justice
Course Type COGNATE
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Management Principles/Cases
Course Type COGNATE
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Microeconomics
Course Type COGNATE
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Speech Communication
Course Type COGNATE
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Human Resource Management or Organizational Behavior
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Budgeting for Publ Serv Admin
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Crit Issues Public Service Admin
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Ethics in Public Services Admin.
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Fund of Public Services Admin
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Public Serv Admin Internship
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Research in the Social Sciences
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Senior Seminar
Credit Hours 3

Required Courses for Minor 
A. Program Requirements: 9 semester hours
1. PSA 331 Fundamentals of Public Services Admin. I: 3
2. PSA 433 Budgeting for Public Services Admin.: 3
3. PSA 434 Critical Issues in PSA: 3

B. Cognate Requirements: 12 semester hours
1. ITM 460 Information Technology Project Management: 3
2. PSC 130 American Democracy
or PSC 380 Public Policy
or PSC 431 Law and Society: 3
3. PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology
or PSY 340 Social Psychology
or SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology: 3
4. Choose one (1) of the following electives: 3
BAM 441 Managerial Communications
or MGT 302 Management Principles and Cases
or MGT 329 Managing Cultural Differences
or MGT 360 Human Resource Management
or MGT 361 Organizational Behavior
or MGT 452 Leadership
or PHI 320 Social Ethics
PSA 495 Senior Seminar
SOC 341 Research in the Social Sciences
SOC 350 Conflict Resolution
or SOC 379 Issues in Social Justice

C. Total for Minor: 21 semester hours

II. Other Requirements
1. A minimum of nine (9) semester hours at the 300-400 level is required in the minor.
2. If completed as an elective, PSA 495 has several pre-requisites: PSA 331, 341, and 433. Enrollment requires advisor permission. PSA 495 should be taken in the last term at Siena.
3. All students must maintain a cumulative 2.50 g.p.a. in the minor.
4. Grades below a 2.0 g.p.a. are not allowed in the course requirements for the minor.
5. MGT 365 Project Management may substitute for ITM 460.

Additional Info


  • Bachelor of Arts


  • Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences



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