Through a partnership with the University of North Dakota, Siena Heights students have the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree from UND and a bachelor’s degree of the student’s choice from SHU.
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One program. Two degrees. Five years. That’s the concept behind the new engineering program at Siena Heights University. Through a partnership with the University of North Dakota, Siena Heights students have the opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Engineering Science degree from UND and a bachelor’s degree of the student’s choice from SHU.

While residing at the Adrian campus full-time, students take engineering courses from UND while completing their bachelor’s degree at Siena. Students will travel to North Dakota twice to complete lab work.

UND will offer the following engineering degrees: Chemical, Electrical and Mechanical. The engineering programs at Siena Heights are offered in collaboration with the University of North Dakota, the flagship research institute for North Dakota. Students may pursue degrees in Chemical, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. The collaboration with UND allows students to graduate with an ABET accredited bachelor's degree.

Collaboration Structure

Students complete all fundamental math, science and general education courses in a traditional classroom setting at Siena Heights. Engineering courses are delivered via online from UND. All first- and second-year engineering courses will include face-to-face meeting times with an appropriate instructor at Siena Heights to complement the material in the online content from UND. Additionally, students will complete course work for a second degree at Siena Heights. Students are considered full-time students at Siena Heights for the duration of their program.

From the Program Director:

  • “Most engineers get extra responsibilities. If you’re an engineer and you want to start your own company, take some business. If you want to build computer hardware, you need to know how the software is going to interact with it. So doing a computer information systems degree with it gives you that flexibility. Even education goes well with it, because there’s a lot of presenting in engineering. It’s really super-flexible, and the student can really do whatever they want with it.”
  • “Engineering just by itself is interdisciplinary, so you’re going to need to know more than just engineering to be competitive on the job."
  • “You’re getting the individual attention, and particularly in the beginning, the students are going to have a great deal of input on how the program evolves. You get the benefits of the large research universities, but you get the personal attention of Siena.”
  • “We will get in the lab from day one and build stuff. I want to focus on the engineering design. Most engineering programs are hard-core tech. But technology changes. If you focus on the design and the thought process of it, that last forever.”
  • North Dakota, which was the first college or university to offer an online engineering degree, is considered a Carnegie 1 designated university, meaning it has high research output. UND is also the only Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredited online program in mechanical and chemical engineering.
  • “Students will be using all the equipment that, as a small school, we wouldn’t be able to really afford. And they get to go there (North Dakota) and use the lab equipment.” 

To learn more about the University of North Dakota's program, click here.

Adjunct Faculty: Engineering

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