Community and Human Services

Community and Human Services

Siena prepared me very well. Siena Heights has been very influential in my life. The spirit of what the Adrian Dominicans represent, I try to live each day.
Terry Beurer ’80
Director of Field Operations, Michigan Department of Human Services
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The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Community Services (CSV) represents a multidisciplinary program for students interested in or already working in human service careers. This degree prepares students for a variety of career opportunities in diverse human and social service agencies, non-profit, for-profit, faith-based, as well as government programs.

FAST FACT The CSV Practicum is part of the capstone course and 100 clock hours of experience are required in a social service program.

Outcomes for Community and Human Services include the development of an interdisciplinary approach to the practice of community service and the skills to access, evaluate and utilize social research and be able to link theory and practice, critical to the effectiveness of this degree. The field of the helping professions is constantly changing with the role of federal and state programs evolving, and Siena Heights is the place where we constantly adapt curriculum content to the needs of the job market today!

The program offers a vibrant overview of the social service field and the role of the professional as an advocate and practitioner in the arena of social change. Students can choose to either complete a general Community and Human Services major or they can enhance the degree with a Family Systems Concentration. Community and Human Services is designed for students with some previous study and/or experience in the social sciences.

The practicum is part of the capstone course and 100 clock hours of experience are required in a social service program. Diverse practicum experiences are offered that include services to families, children and youth, work placement services, probation, environmental projects, work with refugees, and services to families with a child who has a terminal illness. The practicum provides structured learning opportunities that enable students to apply academic knowledge, values, and ethics to practice; it consists of supervised generalist practice in an agency or program approved by Siena Heights University. A number of these placements have resulted in job offers for our graduates.



This program provides a solid framework and lays the groundwork in preparing students to continue with master degree programs in counseling and social work.
Course Type
Required Credit Hours
Required Credit Hours 6Credit Hours
Course Type COGNATE
Required Credit Hours 21Credit Hours
Required Credit Hours 12Credit Hours
12 semester hours are required from various disciplines by approval
Total for major
39Credit Hours
Course Name
Course Type
Credit Hours
Course Name Community & Human Service System
Course Type REQ CSV
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Community & Human Services
Course Type REQ CSV
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Counsel Techniques & Practice
Course Type REQ CSV
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Crisis Intervention
Course Type REQ CSV
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Marriage/Family Relations
Course Type REQ CSV
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Research in Social Sciences
Course Type REQ CSV
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Social Psychology
Course Type REQ CSV
Credit Hours 3

Meet the Community Services faculty

Adjunct Faculty: Psychology
Adjunct Faculty
Online Learning
Assistant Professor of Social & Behavioral Science

Learn about the career opportunities you can have with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Community Services (CSV).

Careers related to the Community Services degree include:
  • Family Services Program Staff
  • Family Services Program Administrator
  • Community Agency Program Staff
  • Community Agency Program Coordinator
  • Cooperative Extension Service Agent
  • Cooperative Extension Service Specialist
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Program Director for Youth
  • Program Staff Member for the Elderly
  • Program Director for the Elderly
  • Child Life Specialist
  • Government Policy Making
  • Youth Advisor or Counselor
  • Michigan Department of Human Services
  • Health Advisor
  • Grant Writer
  • Newsletter Contributor/Writer
  • Coordinator of Services for Refugees
  • Family, Youth and Adult Group Facilitator
  • Intake Assessment Specialist
  • Foster Care Liaison
  • Youth Mentoring Coordinator
  • Abused Children Advocate
  • Youth Mental Health Services Assistant
  • Substance Abuse Support Services Coordinator
  • Service Coordinator for Children and Families with Developmental Delays
  • Hospice Service Coordinator for Nursing Home Residents
  • Faith-Based Outreach Coordinator

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  • Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences



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