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Online Registration

Visit to register for classes. Please note the Drop / Add policy detailed below. 



Students choosing the Web registration option to drop or add a course will not be required to get advisor or instructor signatures for any open class during open registration. Students are responsible for any Drop/Add processed via the Web during this time. The Web registration module will close with the beginning of the semester/cycle.

After the semester/cycle begins, the student must obtain a drop/add form and obtain all signatures from instructors and their advisor. After all signatures are obtained, it is the student's responsibility to submit the drop/add form to the Registrar's Office or site location for processing. Students must assume responsibility for making any changes to their schedules, which may, in anyway, change their degree plans.

If a student does not process a drop form for a class from which they intend to withdraw, they will receive "E" grades in those classes. No refund will be given for any class not attended. If a student is sitting in a class and is not registered for that class they are to be discharged from the class. The student that is in this situation will not receive a grade or be allowed to add this course after the last date to add for the semester/cycle.



Students who drop from an individual class, without completely withdrawing from Siena Heights University, OR add a course will have their financial aid adjusted. Students who withdraw from individual classes without completely withdrawing from Siena Heights University will not receive credit for any charges after the first week of classes. Technology fees and course fees are non-refundable. It is the student's responsibility to submit the drop/add form to the Registrar's Office/site location.



It is the student's responsibility to contact the Director of Advising, or the Registrar's Office, or CPS site director to inform the University that they are withdrawing from all courses for which they are registered. The percentage of refund is determined by dividing the number of remaining full weeks or class periods by the total number of weeks or class periods. The resulting percentage is rounded down to the nearest whole percentage. 

No refunds will be available after 50 percent of the enrollment period. For example: A student is enrolled in a class that is 15 weeks in length, withdraws during the second week leaving 13 weeks left in the session. The percentage of refund would be 13 weeks divided by 15 weeks. Since 13 divided by 15 is 86.66 percent, the percentage of refund would be rounded to 80 percent. The student would then be charged 20 percent of the tuition for the class.

Refund Graph

NOTE: Students who do not process a drop/add for all classes from which they intend to withdraw, will receive "E" grades in those classes. No refund will be given for any class not attended. All drops, adds, and withdrawals are time sensitive. Petitions from the student are required for any special circumstances or special time allowances. Students will be asked to provide supporting documentation for any petitions. Petitions must be submitted to the Registrar for adjudication by the appropriate Dean, Business Office, Financial Aid Office, and the Registrar. Drops can be done with a "W" or without a "W" showing on the student's transcript record. It has been the policy that we allow students to drop until mid-term and they will not receive a "W." This is an old policy and has been well supported (faculty and administration) for many years. Showing "W" grades or not has absolutely nothing to do with any refund policy. The important thing to remember is that SHU does not consider a "W" a punitive grade. A withdrawal is noted as a person that completely withdraws from class -totally for a semester. If we drop a student before the mid-term, "W" grades do not show on the transcript. If a withdrawal happens after mid-term, a "W" will automatically appear on the transcript for each course. Anything that may cause a drop/withdrawal to be back dated must be done through a student petition and forwarded to this office. The Registrar then makes a copy of this information to send to the Business Office and to Financial Aid for judgment if money is involved. After a review by all parties (Advising and the Dean are sometimes included), this office either processes the drop/withdrawal or denies the request. Either way, we notify the student about the actions taken.