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Registrar's Office

The purpose of the Registrar's Office is to support the mission of Siena Heights University and to protect the integrity of the Siena Heights degree. We are committed to maintaining accurate academic records and providing timely information to students, faculty, and staff all within the guidelines of the Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).

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Credit Hour: Definition and Guidance

In order to maintain Title IV student financial aid eligibility, Siena Heights University follows all applicable federal rules and guidance from the Higher Learning Commission, Siena’s regional accreditor. Credit hours are first developed from an in-person framework. Within this framework, a course provided one credit hour if a student was in class for one hour (defined as 50-60 minutes) and did an additional two hours of work and activities outside of class each week during a 15-week semester. Assuming a 15-week semester and 50-60 minute hours, a three-credit hour class would require 112.5-135 hours of student effort.

Siena Heights recognizes that no two students require the same amount of time to understand and apply new learnings. As faculty members prepare classes, they work to assure that the average student will be able to accomplish the learning outcomes from the materials and assigned tasks provided in the appropriate time frame. This is especially true in remote and hybrid classes. These classes should expect a similar time commitment to achieve the same learning outcomes as the on-ground versions of the same course. Course syllabi should help students understand the expected time commitment. As new courses are recommended to the appropriate curriculum review committee, these considerations should be identified.