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Academic Policies


Siena Heights University does not mail grade reports. The Online Registration system is the official site for your mid-term and final grades. You should be able to view your grades as soon as the professor inputs them to the computer system on the Online Registration module. Click on "My Siena" and sign on to Online Web Registration. Click on the "Grades" button. Please make sure you have the correct semester and year selected for the semester grades you want to view. If your parents would like to see your grades, you will need to share your grades with them. The officials of Siena Heights University are not allowed to share grades with parents unless the student gives permission or unless the student has declared as a dependent student. Siena Heights University follows all regulations as set forth by the Federal Educational Rights to Privacy Act of 1974. For any question concerning this policy or law please contact the Registrar's Office or consult the current academic catalog.


All students who graduate with an associate's or bachelor's degree must demonstrate that they have met a level of competency in Math and English composition. The University catalog has an explanation of what will fulfill these requirements. Please see page 17 in the University catalog under the heading of Proficiency.


Siena Heights University participates in the National Student Loan Clearinghouse located in Herndon, Va. Siena Heights submits a report of students' enrollment status to the clearinghouse that, in turn, supplies verification of enrollment to lending agencies. All enrollment information is forwarded to the clearinghouse. Siena Heights University does not supply this information directly to leading agencies except by deferment. If a student has registered late or has had an exception processed to the term registration, this information may not be reported until the submission of the next tape.

The clearinghouse asks that if a student receives a collection letter from a servicer, the student do the following (clearinghouse directions for the student):

  1. Call the lending agency to see if a deferment form was received between the time the clearinghouse supplied the information and when the lending agency sent the collection letter.
  2. If, after calling the servicer, it still appears that the deferment has not been processed, the student may call the clearinghouse at 703-742-7791 and ask for a student service representative. The representative will verify the following information: the date on which the deferment form was received by the clearinghouse, the date the deferment was certified, the date the form was mailed, the enrollment status that was certified, and where the form was sent.
  3. If an emergency exists, for example, the student is 150 days delinquent and being threatened with default, the clearinghouse will intervene on the student's behalf by faxing another enrollment certification to the servicer. It will also work with the servicer to ensure that the form is processed on a high-priority basis.