Director of Auxiliary Services, Fleet, Mail, Event Mgt., and Concessions
6/13/2014 9:45:24 AM by Michael Karabetsos

This position manages the Campus Event Management Department operations to assist the University community with their facility, auxiliary service, and other event needs.  This position manages the mail services providing faculty/staff/students mail production services and acts as primary contact point for US Postal Service and related vendors.  In addition this position provides administrative and supervisory support for the University fleet program as needed.  This position supports the University Risk Management by ensuring University domestic travel operations comply with risk management best practices.  This position also oversees the concession sales operations by ensuring all regulations are in compliance.

Manage the Campus Event Management Department to include supervising day to day activities, hiring & training of part time support staff to appropriately service the needs of the customers. Work collaboratively with other auxiliary services to provide both internal and external facility customers with the highest level of customer service. Responsible for all facility scheduling as overall university Facility Manager utilizing the Event Management System (EMS), Central Event Scheduling Database.  Train and assist facility managers as needed.  Proficient maintenance of the software system is required. Be familiar with the specifics of the layout of the Siena Heights University Adrian campus.  This includes but is not limited to furniture availability, room availability and occupancy.  Develop and implement policies concerning rentals, bookings, and event types.  Become proficient with the various types of A/V equipment and computer equipment needed for events. Responsible for the upkeep of agreements with customers.  To include agreements and scheduling for the summer programs.  General clerical, accounts receivable, basic accounting, and cash management duties as needed.  Must maintain customer files accurately and neatly.  Must complete end of the year reports for both Campus Event Management and Summer Programs. Follows the rules and regulations of Siena Heights University, as outlined in the Saints Guide and Employee Handbook, the rules and regulations of the Campus Event Management Department and the Department of Public Safety. Complete other duties as required for Campus Event Management, Public Safety, Risk Management, Emergency Management, and Fleet Control. Manage the day to day operations of the mail services, supply inventory and shipping/receiving functions of the University.  Oversee staff as allocated.  Manage work assignments and establish the daily operational and business processes used to ensure accurate and expeditious processing of materials and mail. Oversee all operations for the mail services and supply inventory operations.  Overseeing daily work production within the units to ensure expeditious and accurate processing of all incoming and outgoing mail, timely delivery of mail on campus, and the receipt, storage, inventory, and distribution of supplies.  Coordinate or revise work schedules and develop, assign and revise delivery schedules and routes.  Manage storage space and logistics to ensure product integrity, safety, space utilization and efficiency in accessing services. Oversee part time hourly employees by overseeing work product and randomly reviewing work for accuracy in delivery, distribution, sortation, preparation and billing of postage and service fees.  Oversee staffing, counsels, resolves informal grievances, reprimands or request and recommend corrective actions.  Develops performance plans and writes and conducts performance evaluations.  Interview and hire new employees. Oversees the generally funded budget for mail services, including preparation of budget forecasts, authorization of expenditures and expense management.  Evaluate and forecast current and future production volumes to assist in the planning and budgeting of replacement and/or upgraded equipment, space and/or work force requirements.  Conduct annual cost analysis of service fees, vendor related fees, vendor usage, to insure fiscal responsibility by reviewing labor and expenses verses fees.  Analyze labor, volume, revenue and other statistical data to evaluate efficiency of internal workflows and processes and implement charges as necessary.  Create, write and revise departmental policies, procedures, forms and reference guides utilized for training, supply inventory, processing, service charges, daily mail delivery and all other processes with the unit to ensure all operations are carried out in the most efficient an accurate manner. Ensure compliance with all University and US Postal Service rules, regulations and laws for processing mail and maintain accurate records of all work performed.  Manage records of mail production inventory, volume statistics, service revenues, and department expenses for inclusion in appropriate reports. Mail Services Manager will provide detailed information both written and verbal, to faculty, students, staff, vendors, service providers; processing incoming, intercampus and outgoing mail.  Will respond to campus mailing disputes by identifying and analyzing the problem, then devising and implement a solution.  Conducts training/service tours for customers, education on current up to date USPS, Mail Service and Mail Production rules and regulations. Attends USPS and other training seminars to gain knowledge on new and changing regulations, mail center practices, and evaluation of new supply processes. Manage the storage, inventory, and distribution of supplies required for the daily operations of the University. Manage the day to day operations of University fleet services.  Including but not limited to scheduling use and overall maintenance. Maintaining all records for insurance compliance with approved driver records and appropriate driving training programs. Oversee the University Domestic Travel program including but not limited to registering all domestic travel and overseeing risk management best practices for overall safety and loss control. Assist with University International travel by monitoring site safety and providing risk management best practices. Oversee the University concession sales to include but not limited to ensuring all local, state, and federal food handling guidelines are adhered to.  Maintaining compliance with all University contracts for sales and consumption of food and food service products.

Master level preferred.  Prefer prior management or supervisory experience.  A basic understanding of general accounting principles is required. Experience in technology pertinent to the applicable software programs and hard ware necessary for the position responsibilities. Must be knowledgeable about university public safety policy and procedures, be able to respond to changing priorities and direct the work of others. Ability to keep calm in emergencies or conditions where others are agitated. First Aid, CPR and AED certified. Knowledgeable on Federal, State and University rules, regulations, laws, policies and interpretation pertaining to mailing operations, and food handling safety.  Knowledgeable of commercial mail services, mail production schedules.

Qualified candidates are invited to send their cover letter, Curriculum Vita/resume, and a list of professional references to shujobs@sienaheights.edu.  In the subject line of the email, please reference the job title of this position to ensure timely review and distribution of your materials. This position is classified as a benefit eligible exempt position. Review of application materials will begin immediately and continue until the position is filled.  EOE


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