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SHU Partners with the Kalamazoo Promise

Siena Heights University is one of 15 private state institutions that will partner with the Kalamazoo Promise scholarship program. SHU President Sister Peg Albert, OP, PhD, attended a June 10 press conference in Kalamazoo, Mich., announcing the agreement.

The Michigan Colleges Alliance, which includes Siena Heights, will be a part of the Kalamazoo Promise. Beginning in fall of 2015, eligible students may use their Kalamazoo Promise scholarship to attend any one of the MCA liberal arts colleges and universities in Michigan.

In each case, tuition and fees will be fully and jointly funded by the Kalamazoo Promise and the MCA member institution. The Kalamazoo Promise will fund at the level of the undergraduate average tuition and fees for the College of Literature, Science and Arts at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The MCA member institution will cover any difference between that amount and the amount of its yearly tuition and fees.

“The addition of these 15 institutions will increase the number of Promise-eligible schools to 58 schools throughout Michigan,” said Kalamazoo Promise board member Janice Brown. “These colleges serve as a wonderful model of how to support the Kalamazoo Promise student, and the strategies they have developed are benefitting all of their students.”

“This partnership truly is a winning proposition for all,” said Bob Bartlett, CEO of the Michigan Colleges Alliance. “Promise Scholars will benefit from increased college choice throughout the state, and MCA colleges and universities will be enriched by having these deserving students on their campuses. We are grateful to the Kalamazoo Promise for creating this opportunity.”

The MCA works to strengthen the shared capacity of 15 leading independent, four-year colleges and universities grounded in a liberal arts and sciences tradition, to broaden college choice in Michigan, support access to MCA campuses for students and families, and foster career outcomes for MCA graduates.

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