Eligibility & Selection

McNair Scholars Program Eligibility & Selection

To qualify for the McNair Scholars program, students must meet the following criteria from the Department of Education:

  1. Be a low-income and first-generation college student (neither parent can have a baccalaureate degree).

  2. Be a member of a group under-represented in graduate education (African American, Hispanic American, or Native American/Alaskan Indian).

In addition, if the student meets the eligibility requirements, they must also:

  • Be a full-time student
  • Be at least of sophomore status, having completed 55 hours
  • Have a declared major
  • Have a 3.00 grade point average

Selection Criteria
To be considered for the McNair Program Students must first discuss their eligibility with the Program Director and provide proof of eligibility through the most recent parental income tax forms and a copy of their current FAFSA form.

Students who are deemed eligible:

  • Must complete the McNair Scholar application
  • Write a personal statement
  • Write a letter of interest
  • Provide two graded papers
  • Submit two recommendation forms

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Leha and Keith Miller

Leha and Keith Miller

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Donna Baker

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Karen Johnson '04

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