First Year Experience (FYE)

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First Year Experience

Let us help you adjust to the college educational and social environment. Freshmen students at SHU will begin their liberal arts and integrative experience by participating in the First Year Experience. FYE is a comprehensive program of events and activities that assists students in familiarizing them with Siena Heights. It also helps them develop the necessary skills to thrive in SHU’s liberal arts environment. FYE not only links incoming students with the institution, but also with faculty, staff and incoming and current students. FYE will introduce students to the school’s mission, Dominican tradition, the liberal arts program and the expectation of the learning community at Siena.

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Director: Vicky Wright


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Rachael Marschke

Rachael Marschke

Accounting, SHU@LMC

Faculty & Staff

Donna Baker

Donna Baker

Associate Professor of Accounting; Chair, Accounting Department


Tod Marshall, '90

Tod Marshall, '90

English and Philosophy Graduate; Award-Winning Poet; English Faculty Member, Gonzaga University
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