Capstone Experience

Learn about the Capstone Experience for the Counselor Education degree

All CED students complete a 600 hour internship at the end of their program. Prior to internship, students must also complete a 100 hour practicum, the first field experience course. These two courses provide students with opportunities to experience the real world of professional counseling, to practice skills learned in the program core curriculum, to learn and network with seasoned counseling professionals, and to develop confidence in their ability to “do” effective counseling.

Students work in a setting appropriate to their concentration (school or community) under the supervision of a counseling professional and providing a range of counseling services common to counseling professionals at the site. Sites and supervisors must be approved prior to starting practicum and internship.

  • First field experience course
  • Focuses on refinement of individual and group counseling skills
  • Weekly seminar for continued skill development
  • Students select a site that meets their interests and geographic preference
  • 100 hours in the field under supervision of a counseling professional
  • Internship
  • The capstone experience of the CED program
  • Students work in a setting appropriate to their concentration (school or community)
  • Provide a range of counseling services common to professional counselors at the site
  • Integrative seminar focuses on case presentations, diagnosis and credentialing
  • A minimum of 600 supervised hours is required to be completed within one calendar year.
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