“Living a Life of Integrity in 10 Daily Steps”

SHU Faculty Member Trish Knight Authors New E-Book

Trish Knight, an adjunct faculty member at SHU’s Battle Creek site, has released a new e-book June 1 entitled “Living a Life of Integrity in 10 Daily Steps.” Trish-Knight.jpg


In this self-help book, Knight imparts her opinion and perception about a life of integrity. The book delves into the uncomplicated daily activities people can use in order to have a peaceful and harmonious life. It attempts to measure integrity by going deeper into the definition of the word in the simplest and most logical way, and takes a closer look at some elements that describe the nature of this principle to clearly understand life and improve it. In this e-book, the author entwines daily actions with experience, example and humor.


Knight opened a training and consulting business in 1997. She specializes in organizational communication; helping small business and non-profits to develop effective boards, create comprehensive communication plans and build dynamic teams and leadership. She is a DISC Model of Human Behavior consultant. At Siena Heights University, she teaches Communication Skills for Managers. Cost of the e-book is $12.99.


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