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A Communications degree is based on the idea that communication is a fundamental part of human experience. From simple gestures to great novels, from soaring speeches to product packages, the human experience is characterized by the desire to interpret, connect, and communicate.

While many students choose to focus on developing skills for careers in journalism, public relations, publication design, professional writing, or teaching, Communications majors learn to think outside the box about what it means to communicate. As an integral part of the human experience, students are encouraged to see communication as an intentional act and to take responsibility for what they say, write or create.

To expand their study of communications, students take courses in mass media, visual culture and electronic literature. Communication students are also strongly encouraged to write, edit, design and manage Siena’s student newspaper, Spectra, for course credit and hands-on experience.

Areas of Interest

Beyond a general degree in Communications, students may choose to focus on several areas of interest: Art and Digital Design, Enterprise and Commerce, or Religion and Communication.

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Rachael Marschke

Rachael Marschke

Accounting, SHU@LMC

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Donna Baker

Donna Baker

Associate Professor of Accounting; Chair, Accounting Department


Tony Nettles, '09

Tony Nettles, '09

BAS Graduate: Public Safety Studies; Police and Fire Background; Lansing Center
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