Idczak, Sue

  • Department: Nursing-RN
  • Title: Director of Nursing
  • Ph.D., University of Toledo.
  • Phone: 517-264-7211
  • Campus: Adrian
  • Building: Nursing/Health Science
  • Office #: 101

Program Info

Nursing (Pre Licensure)

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Director of Nursing Program; Professor of Nursing

Dr. Sue Idczak
Director of Nursing Program
Professor of Nursing  


  • PhD in Higher Education Administration, University of Toledo
  • BSN and MSN, Indiana University

Recent Awards and Achievements
  • One of less than 1500 nurses in the United States to earn the distinction of Certified Nurse Educator (CNE)
  • Published three articles in nursing journals:
    • Idczak, S. (2007). I am a nurse: Student nurses learn the art and science of nursing. Nursing Education Perspectives, 28 (2), 66-71.
    • Idczak, S. (2006). Evelyn's story. Reflections on Nursing Leadership. [Electronic journal], Quarter 4, November-December.
    • Lee, C., Idczak, S., Moon, J., & Brown-Schott, N. (2005). Tradition with a twist: Ceremony and the contempory nursing student. Nursing Education Perspectives, 27, (1),10-11.
  • Authored a chapter in a nursing textbook:
    • Idczak, S. (2008). The nursing assistant's role in restorative care. Appears in: L. Pierce (Ed.) Restorative Nursing: A Training Manual for Nursing Assistants (2nd ed.). Chicago: Association of Rehabilitation Nurses.

Teaching Philosophy

"I believe that students learn best in an active, engaged setting with a teacher who is both an expert nurse and a caring, compassionate person."

“If you asked me, ‘What is the important part about coming to Siena to finish my bachelor's degree in nursing,’ I would tell you that the most important aspect is the faculty you'll interact with and the students you'll share the classroom with each week. There seems to be, in the experiences we've had to this point, a real common bond within the philosophical belief system of what nursing truly means for Siena nurses. I think that the support that the faculty and students are getting from and sharing with one another is truly making Siena nursing special.”

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