Dr. Tad Dunne Gives Keynote Address at Conference

SHU Faculty Member Also to Release a Book "Doing Better: The Next Revolution in Ethics"

SHU Associate Professor of Philosophy Dr. Tad Dunne gave the keynote address March 26 at a 2-day conference on “Theology Outside the Classroom” at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His address was titled “How the Christian Watches the News and Prays.”


The following day, the conference featured six presentations by graduate students and recent graduates on topics ranging from “Why the recent dramatic increase in Christian youth groups in Romania?” and “Report on using ‘Sensory Sacramental Stations’ in the liturgy.” Each presentation was followed by responses from Dr. Dunne and experts in the related fields.


In other news regarding Dr. Dunne, Marquette University Press has accepted his book for publication in December. The book, entitled Doing Better: The Next Revolution in Ethics, relies on the work of Bernard Lonergan's Method in Theology as it applies to method in ethics. Dr. Dunne presented an overview of this “revolution" at 2005 Common Dialog Day.  

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