Dr. Robert Gordon

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Director of the Library; Professor of Education

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Meet Robert Gordon

Library Director; Professor of Education



  • Ed.D., Western Michigan University
  • M.A., Western Michigan University
  • B.A., Hope College

Recent Awards and Achievements

  • Instructor of history, Western Michigan University (1967-76)
  • Assistant professor of humanities, Siena Heights University (1977)
  • Numerous administrative positions, Siena Heights University (1977-present)
  • Chief academic officer 1990-96 and dean of the graduate college 1996-2006.
  • Awards, Publications, Gallery Shows
    • Several graduate scholarships; photography exhibitions, Klemm Gallery (1989, 1994).  “The Land of Milk and Honey”, photo essay in Detroit Free Press Sunday Supplement (1984).
  • Point of Pride
    • Have visited and photographed Fanjeaux, France, twice. St. Dominic was parish priest when the Dominican Order was founded in 1216. In 1997 I had a photography exhibition located in Dominican Hall from my first trip to Fanjeaux. I have also visited and photographed Caleruega, Spain, birthplace of Dominic Guzman.
  • Areas of Expertise and Interest
    • Photography
    • Dominican history

Teaching Philosophy

“I do everything possible to get students talking about their interests and experiences as they relate to whatever course I’m teaching. Then, I provide resources that enable students to explore ideas related to their interests and experiences. I’m old school in the sense that I believe that the purpose of a liberal arts education is to liberate students from the limitations of the time and place of their birth and their cultural and intellectual upbringing.”

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