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Jennifer Letherer '02Alumni

Jennifer Letherer '02



Theatre/Speech Communications Graduate



jennifer_letherer_lg2.jpgNo one doubted Jen Letherer would go places after graduating from Siena Heights. She already had gone so far!  Siena Heights might look like your typical university, but there’s so much here,” Jen said. “The education you get here can equal the very best.” And she was determined the get the very best.


Coming to SHU from a family farm in rural southeast Michigan, Jen took every opportunity she found at Siena to extend her education beyond the basics. She double-majored in English and theater, earning top honors on the way. She participated in almost every theater production of her four years, sang with the Cecilian Choristers, edited the literary magazine Eclipse, and also wrote, produced and performed a one-person play. In addition, she was a McNair Scholar.


So it was no surprise when, less than four years after graduation, she returned to campus for a public screening of her first independent film, an 8-minute short titled “The Lady of Shalott.” A recent master’s graduate of Boston University, she completed the film in fulfillment of her graduate program.


(Jen graduated from Siena Heights University with a degree in theatre next to her grandmother, Genevieve Siegel, who earned a degree in art.)

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