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Introduction to HigherOne


Higher One is all about choices!

We provide you with faster ways to get refunds, and make banking super convenient and easy. Higher One simplifies money management and offers speedy ways to get your refund money.

Activate Your Refund and Mobile Alerts (texts)


When you get your card in the mail...

When you get your card in the mail, it's important to activate a refund preference by logging onto the website listed on the back of the card. Once you're there, enter the 16-digit card number. This will reveal your choices for refund delivery, and you'll want to select the option that's right for you.

Making Purchases


You may use your card wherever Visa or Master card is accepted.

When you use your card to make a purchase, select credit, not debit, to avoid fees and keep your transaction secure. If you don’t have a choice between debit or credit, just select cancel; your purchase will still go through.

Send Money Between


The Send Money feature allows you to transfer money between OneAccounts without the hassle of a trip to the ATM. Its as easy as sending me an email and best of all, its FREE!

Direct Deposit


Whether you work on campus or off, direct deposit of your payroll is fast and convenient.

All you do is print the direct deposit form in your OneAccount profile and give it to your employer to enroll.

Online Bill Pay with the HigherOne Card


With Online Bill Pay, you can pay anyone, anytime, anywhere in the U.S. just like writing a check.

You asked, we answered! Online Bill Pay is now free! And it's also easy to set up recurring payments for expenses like rent or cell phone bills. It comes at no extra charge, and there's no sign-up or enrollment necessary.

Parents Send Money


Family and friends can put money directly to your OneAccount using the Send Money feature and it's as easy as sending an email.

Your OneAccount gives you the option to Request Money from anyone with an email address and a bank account. Your request will arrive via email with instructions on how to send money! It's fast, convenient and secure.

Updating your Profile


When you move, you'll want to update your profile information with your new address.

While there, you can update your primary email address and phone number too. In addition to contact information, you can customize alerts, update enrollment status and reset your PIN.

Contact Us at (800) 521-0009.
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