Applying to the Veterans Administration

The other application you'll need to make is directly with the Veterans Administration, who will verify and approve your GI Bill benefits eligibility. If you are not sure which benefits you qualify for or if you should use Post 9-11 GI Bill vs. Montgomery GI Bill, visit or visit our Veteran Benefits page. Once you are ready, fill out the Online Application. If you prefer, you can fill out and mail a paper application.

VA Regional Office (28)
Room 1290 477Michigan Avenue
Detroit, MI 48226

VA Regional Office
3001 Coolidge (Suite 401)
East Lansing, MI 48823

VA Regional Processing Office
400 South 8th Street
St. Louis, MO 631o3
Toll-Free (888) 442-4551

Either way, you will have to mail the application signature page from the online application or the entire application to the VA Regional Office along with a copy of your discharge form (DD214). If you can’t find your DD214, go to eVetRecs to request a copy from the archives. If you need help, call the VA Regional Office on their toll-free number.

Getting Military Credit (MOS)

You will also want to explore academic credit for military service. Each service produces a transcript listing academic equivalency for military training and experience based on guidelines established by the American Council on Education (ACE). This has links to all the services’ transcript request sites.

Once you have a copy of your military transcripts, we can help you determine which military credits might apply to your degree plan. Some may be applied toward general education or degree requirements while most will likely count as free elective credits. A lot will depend on your military background and your chosen major. SHU is committed to giving your military service a fair evaluation and awarding you as much credit as possible for your educational interests.

Arriving at SHU

The more you get done before you arrive the easier it will be when you step on campus. We'll work with you to make sure you are ready to go on the first day of classes. When you do arrive on campus, your first stop should be  Veterans Affairs (Registrar's Office Sacred Heart Hall) to give us your VA certificate of eligibility if you haven't sent it to us already.

After you register for classes you'll also need to inform the Registrar's Office so we can process your benefits claims. Remember these 5 things:

  • It may take 6-8 weeks before you receive your first benefit check, so plan ahead.
  • All coursework must count toward degree completion.
  • For a change of major, you must complete a new Veterans Education Plan (VA Form 22-1995) before the semester starts.
  • If you add, drop, or change a class you must inform the VA Certifying Official to update your certification properly
  • You must complete a registration form each semester while registering for classes. This is completed on MySiena. Click on the text following for course registration instructions.
  • Don’t forget or your benefit payments WILL be interrupted!

Getting SHU VETS Support

Once you've completed in-processing, we’ll hook you up with a member of Veterans Club. The Veterans Club is your student organization dedicated to helping you make a successful transition from the armed forces to the college classroom. The SHU VETS student organization manages VET-2-VET mentoring and will work with you to find a peer mentor. They also manage the Books-for-Boots program that will help you with your textbooks.

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