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A major in Spanish from Siena Heights University is more than simply learning to speak a second language. We believe the culture is inseparable from the language, and the study of literature, culture, civilization and language are all interconnected. The Spanish Department at Siena Heights works with all majors, including Nursing, Social Work, Criminal Justice, Business and Teacher Education to give students a skill that will complement almost any career plan.

  • About the Program
  • Meet the Faculty
  • Career Opportunities
  • The 'Taco Challenge'
  • The Costa Rica Experience

Learn more about the Spanish program.

At Siena Heights University you will learn to speak fluently in Spanish. You will apply your speaking, reading, writing and listening skills to the study of Latino history, culture and literature. We believe that language and culture are inseparable. For that reason, as part of the Spanish major, you spend a semester in a Spanish-speaking country.

Spanish majors at Siena understand cultural diversity and are able to apply that knowledge to a variety of jobs and situations. We live in a globalized world that requires competent, purposeful and ethical individuals to work within multiple cultures. Our students are able to communicate well between cultures in the target language.

Most importantly, studying Spanish at Siena is fun! You have the opportunity to study abroad, meet new people, and have new experiences. Learn about our new Costa Rica Experience! Spanish majors have the opportunity to earn money as Spanish tutors, volunteer as translators and interpreters, and be involved in the Latino community.

Meet the Spanish program faculty.

Kaplan, Nicholas R.

Kaplan, Nicholas R.

Associate Professor of Spanish517-264-7694

Learn about the career opportunities you can have with a degree in Spanish.

A major in Spanish increases your job opportunities, employability, and marketability. Employers seek people who can speak a second language. People who study Spanish at Siena Heights University understand how cultures interact with one and another and are able to apply those skills in future jobs. Some career opportunities include:

  • Advertising
  • Bilingual Education
  • Consultant
  • Cultural Officer
  • Customs and Immigration
  • Foreign Service Officer
  • Health professions
  • Interpretation and Translation
  • Law Enforcement
  • Lawyer
  • Nursing
  • Politician
  • Reporter
  • Research
  • Social Worker
  • Travel Agent
  • Teacher
  • Volunteer Agencies

In Spring 2014, a group of SHU Spanish students and Maestro Nick Kaplan were  featured in the Chicago Tribune after completing the Fox River Taco Challenge. Maestro Kaplan and Siena alumnus Lee Rincon invented the challenge based on an article written by Tribune writer Kevin Pang. Following a map of taquerías (taco restaurants) along the Fox River (west of Chicago), the students ate one taco at each of the 11 restaurants before returning to Siena Heights. 

The Costa Rica Experience

As part of the Spanish major and minor, students now have the opportunity to study abroad in San José, Costa Rica at Veritas University. 

Specifically, we have partnered with their Center for International Programs which brings students from all over the world to learn Spanish. 

While there the students will take classes in Spanish (for the major-minor) and classes in English (liberal arts). This allows them to stay on track while abroad. Students live with Costa Rican families and can either walk to school or take the university shuttle. 

On the weekends, the students travel all over the country with the university. From rain forests to volcanoes to the Caribbean and pacific coasts, there is an infinite number of things to experience. 

Students can study in fall, winter or summer, but our biggest group of students student from January to April.

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Meet Siena

Faculty & Staff

Nicholas R. Kaplan

Nicholas R. Kaplan

Associate Professor of Spanish


Colleen Lewis Aguilar '04, '06MA

Colleen Lewis Aguilar '04, '06MA

Spanish, Organizational Leadership graduate; Teacher, Nonprofit founder, Long Beach, Calif.
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