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Want to become a professional artist, or to teach art? Then the Art program at Siena Heights is the right choice. The Art program offers Bachelor of Art and Bachelor of Fine Art degrees. The BA is a strong liberal arts degree well-suited for students interested in combining the visual arts with other disciplines such as psychology, literature, or business. The BFA is an intensive studio program intended for students interested in pursuing either graduate school in art or art history or professional and/or studio careers.

Other degrees offered include the Bachelor of Art degree major in Art with Visual Arts Education K-12 certification, the Bachelor of Fine Art degree in Art History, the Art minor and the Art History minor.

The Art program is a member in good standing of the National Schools of Art and Design, the only national accreditation agency for art, since 1988. The Art program's primary goal is to develop the visual artist. Students are encouraged to take risks, speculate, explore, research, create and pursue artworks of quality. Students are asked to deal in materials and in ideas, to explore past perceptions of the world of art and their interior and exterior worlds of imagination and values. These expectations call for a commitment to study, a disciplined approach to work and a willingness to integrate personal and cultural identities in their artwork.

Studio Angelico, the name of the building that houses the Art Program at Siena Heights University, has been a center for art and art education for more than 60 years. Named for Fra Angelico, the Renaissance painter of the Dominican Order who lived in 15th century Florence, the Studio continues a long tradition of valuing quality, creativity, craftsmanship, and reflection in the making of art.

Schedule and Gallery information can be found at the Studio Angelico website  New Window

NOTE: Siena Heights has an articulation agreement with Ursuline College in Cleveland, Ohio, leading to acceptance into the Masters Program in Art Therapy.

Art Program Mission Statement:
Studio Angelico, a community of artists and educators, stimulates, challenges, supports and educates students to become: educated viewers with visual literacy and critical thinking, professional artists with technical and creative direction, thoughtful and responsible citizens in a global community. We seek through dialogue and practice to work together within a liberal arts context to appreciate, understand and communicate the diversity and complexity of the human experience as expressed through the visual arts.

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Robert Conlon

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