Office For Students With Disabilities (OSD)

Siena Heights University is committed to providing qualified students with disabilities equal access and opportunity to programs, courses and activities of the college. The services available will vary according to the level and type of disability experienced by each student. The mission of the OSD will be the guiding force in supporting the academic efforts of students with disabilities.

Disability Categories
Accommodations & Grievance Procedure


The mission of the OSD is to enhance the experience for students with disabilities at SHU by creating an accessible academic, social and physical environment.

Policy Statement

SHU has a commitment to provide equal educational opportunities for all qualified students with disabilities. Section 504 of the rehabilitation act of 1973 and The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 require that institutions such as SHU not discriminate against qualified students with disabilities and that effective and reasonable academic accommodations be provided for eligible students. These accommodations and modifications are meant to “level the playing field” with their peers and are not considered special treatments.


  • Disabled Student: a person having a physical or mental impairment which substantially limits one or more of life’s activities. (Defined in section 504 and Americans with Disabilities Act)
  • Eligible Disabled Student: means a disabled person who meets the academic and technical standards requisite to admission and participation in the educational activity and/or program.
  • Accommodations: a change in an educational environment that effectively and appropriately enables an individual with a disability to have equal educational opportunity.
  • Auxiliary aids and services: may include but are not limited to readers, taped texts, note takers, interpreters and scribes. Devices or services of a personal nature such as personal attendants, individually prescribed devices or readers for personal use are not included.


To be eligible for a disability related service or accommodation, the student must have a documented disability as defined by The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990(ADA) and/or section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Under section 504 and ADA a person has a disability if he/she has a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities such as walking, standing, seeing, speaking, hearing, sitting, breathing, learning and/or taking care of one’s self . SHU has designated the OSD as the office that maintains all files of documentation and determines eligibility for reasonable accommodations. Students are also offered auxiliary services through the OSD.


All information submitted to the OSD will be handled in a confidential manner. Student records that are presented to the OSD will be kept in a locked file in the director’s office. Information contained in the students file is considered part of their educational record and is protected by The Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA-1974). Information from this record may be released under the following circumstances:

  • 1. Court order 
  • 2. In an emergency situation involving the student 
  • 3. To university personnel who have a legitimate educational interest 
  • 4. To those individuals listed on the student’s release of information form. The OSD release of information form completed and signed by the student will be the vehicle used to determine the information to be released to the designated individuals and organizations. The O.S.D. will adhere to all state and federal laws governing release of student information. The guiding principals in the release of confidential student information will be both protection from discrimination and for the purpose of respecting personal dignity and privacy.

Contact Information

Coordinator: Laurie Lyall
Phone: 517-264-7683
Email: llyall@sienaheights.edu


Mailing Address
Sacred Heart Hall, Room 303

Contact Us at (800) 521-0009

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